How can Mobile VoIP Software Simplify Your Business Communication


As per research, VoIP services market is expected to reach $194.5 billion by the year 2024. There’s no question to the fact that VoIP technology is making revolutionary changes in the way businesses practice communication. Some years ago, Telephone and Fax were the dominant communication method used in many formal areas. Then came the email and took over […]

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What is Session Border Controller (SBC) – A Quick Guide

what is session border controller

VoIP is the most widely used standard in the communication industry due to various reasons such as more flexibility, scalability, less complexity and cost-effectiveness. However, just as with any technology, VoIP has its own set of challenges. Besides quality of communication, security is one of the primary concerns in the IP infrastructures, but thanks to […]

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A2P, P2P and P2A Messaging: Definitions, Benefits and Uses

Understanding A2P Messaging, P2P messaging, P2A Messaging

For years, we have been using SMS to connect and communicate with others. And, it is still one of the most popular modes of communication. Worldwide, over 23 billion text messages are sent every day (Forbes). Have you ever noticed the different types of messages you send and receive on your phone? Most likely this […]

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What Features You Should Look for in an SMS Softswitch?

SMS Softswitch

As an SMS Provider, you should be quite familiar with the term SMS Switch or SMS Softswitch. This is the main element of an SMS Business as the entire routing function is handled by this module. Let’s first go through the definition of an SMS Softswitch. What is an SMS Softswitch? An SMS Softswitch is […]

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