iTel Moble Dialer - Best VoIP Mobile Dialer in the market

iTel Mobile Dialer

iTel Mobile Dialer is a SIP Softphone, which allows users to make long distance VoIP calls from mobile phones. Compatible with all standard SIP Softswitch, this mobile dialer has been designed keeping VoIP service providers requirements in mind. Being a service provider, you can run this softphone software under your own brand name as iTel Mobile Dialer is completely customizable.

Key Features of

iTel Mobile Dialer

Supports Audio and Video call with Instant Messaging(IM)
Account balance information on the mobile phone screen and also via IVR.
Supports 3G/4G, GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi for internet connectivity.
Supports PIN to PIN call
Through iTel Byte Saver, this SIP dialer works efficiently in blocked network as it can pass through any firewall.
Runs behind NAT or private IP.

Technical Specifications


Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Supported Platforms

Symbian, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iOS and Android

Supported Codecs

g729, AMR, GSM and g711



(Concurrent registrations with Single Switch IP)

Super Mini Gold100$ 700
Mini Gold200$ 1,250
Mini Platinum200$3500
Easy Gold500$ 3,500
Easy Platinum500$5500

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