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iTel Billing

iTel Billing is a very powerful and flexible VoIP billing software that enables the VoIP service providers to grow and prosper in this challenging environment by managing their business efficiently. It supports all models of Internet Telephony business: Retail Origination (from calling cards, call shops, devices, PC/Mobile Dialers), wholesale origination and termination.

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Key Features

Prepaid & Postpaid Billing Facility in iTel Billing
Prepaid & Postpaid Billing Facility

  • Supports both prepaid and post-paid business models
  • Caters to the needs of operators for maintaining a large number of billing plans.
Easy User Interface

  • Helps ITPSPs to manage their VoIP billing services efficiently
  • Ensures Call Detail Records (CDR) for each clients
  • Generates invoices
  • Edits/adds rate plans or adds resellers, all of which are possible in minimum clicks.
Easy User Interface of iTel Billing
Monitoring Dashboard of iTel Billing
Monitoring Dashboard

  • Live Statistics
  • Call statistics
  • Server Status
  • Revenue Status
  • System Client Status
  • Last Days Statistics
  • Top 10 customers/ Gateway wise report
  • Country wise report
Secured Billing Interface

  • Provides 2FA authentication by integrating OTP device for admin and reseller access.
  • Set user wise role and build IP restriction.
  • Https Supported WEB page
  • Auto block of “Username and Password” for consecutive failed attempts
  • System will force to Change password on every month
Secured Billing Interface in iTel Billing
Client Management feature in iTel Billing
Client Management

  • Create unlimited Resellers
  • Create “Commission Based” or “Rate Based” resellers
  • Set Balance and Rate Plans for the reseller
  • Supports both type of payment -Prepaid and Postpaid.
  • Number of call for Reseller can be controlled.
  • Client authentication can be done by IP, Prefix and Caller ID
Rate Plan Management

  • Assigning different rate plan for originating and terminating clients.
  • Prefix wise rate plan management
  • FnF rate plan
  • Voice packages with separate rate plans
  • Option to Add TAX on rate plan
  • Easily create New Rataplan by changing a specific amount (of % value) in existing rataplan.
  • Time Slotting facility (Peek/off Peek) based on destination
  • Recharge Card
  • Set Future rataplan for auto-activation on “ Particular date and time”
  • Fast Upload and easy to Download Rate plan as CSV file.
Rate Plan Management feature in iTel Billing
Advanced Monitoring System in iTel Billing
Advanced Monitoring System

  • Transparent monitoring system with detail and summery reports.
  • Monitoring Graph (Pie chart, Bar Graph)
  • Active Call List
  • Active registration
  • Advanced live call log monitor facility along with detailed SIP log
  • Financial report (Profit loss report, Invoice generation, Recharge History).
Advanced Reporting System

  • User can generate report for both Terminating and originating destination code.
  • PIN client can check their CDR within a custom date
  • Summary report from Pin panel
  • Reporting at Originating client panel
  • Reporting for Both type client
  • Reporting with Custom date
  • Unused PIN Report
Advanced Reporting System in iTel Billing

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