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iTel Billing

iTel Billing is a very powerful and flexible VoIP billing software; that enables the VoIP service providers to grow and prosper in this challenging environment by managing their business efficiently. It supports all models of Internet Telephony business: Retail origination (from calling cards, call shops, devices, PC/Mobile Dialers), Wholesale origination and termination.

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Key Features

Prepaid & Postpaid Billing Facility in iTel Billing
Prepaid & Postpaid Billing Facility

  • Supports both prepaid and post-paid business models
  • Caters to the needs of operators for maintaining a large number of billing plans.
Easy User Interface

  • Helps ITPSPs to manage their VoIP billing services efficiently
  • Ensures Call Detail Records (CDR) for each clients
  • Generates invoices
  • Edits/adds rate plans or adds resellers, all of which are possible in minimum clicks.
Easy User Interface of iTel Billing
Monitoring Dashboard of iTel Billing
Monitoring Dashboard

  • Live Statistics
  • Call statistics
  • Server Status
  • Revenue Status
  • System Client Status
  • Last Days Statistics
  • Top 10 customers/ Gateway wise report
  • Country wise report
Secured Billing Interface

  • Provides 2FA authentication by integrating OTP device for admin and reseller access.
  • Set user wise role and build IP restriction.
  • Https Supported WEB page
  • Auto block of “Username and Password” for consecutive failed attempts
  • System will force to Change password on every month
Secured Billing Interface in iTel Billing
Client Management feature in iTel Billing
Client Management

  • Create unlimited Resellers
  • Create “Commission Based” or “Rate Based” resellers
  • Set Balance and Rate Plans for the reseller
  • Supports both type of payment -Prepaid and Postpaid.
  • Number of call for Reseller can be controlled.
  • Client authentication can be done by IP, Prefix and Caller ID
Rate Plan Management

  • Assigning different rate plan for originating and terminating clients.
  • Prefix wise rate plan management
  • FnF rate plan
  • Voice packages with separate rate plans
  • Option to Add TAX on rate plan
  • Easily create New Rataplan by changing a specific amount (of % value) in existing rataplan.
  • Time Slotting facility (Peek/off Peek) based on destination
  • Recharge Card
  • Set Future rataplan for auto-activation on “ Particular date and time”
  • Fast Upload and easy to Download Rate plan as CSV file.
Rate Plan Management feature in iTel Billing
Advanced Monitoring System in iTel Billing
Advanced Monitoring System

  • Transparent monitoring system with detail and summery reports.
  • Monitoring Graph (Pie chart, Bar Graph)
  • Active Call List
  • Active registration
  • Advanced live call log monitor facility along with detailed SIP log
  • Financial report (Profit loss report, Invoice generation, Recharge History).
Advanced Reporting System

  • User can generate report for both Terminating and originating destination code.
  • PIN client can check their CDR within a custom date
  • Summary report from Pin panel
  • Reporting at Originating client panel
  • Reporting for Both type client
  • Reporting with Custom date
  • Unused PIN Report
Advanced Reporting System in iTel Billing

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