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Run your complete IP wholesale business from a Single Platform


Not just a Fancy Firewall for your VoIP System. Reve Session Border Controller (SBC)
is a complete solution with Robust Scalability, Security and Advanced Functionalities.

  • Industry's Most Advanced Fraud Detection System
  • Scalability up to 100000 Concurrent Calls
  • 1+1 Redundancy with Hot Standby
  • Integrated with Real Time Billing
  • Multi Location and Language based 24x7x365 Support
  • Absolute Prepaid with traditional Postpaid Platform
  • All Possible Routing in the Industry
  • Wholesale SMS & Mobile Top Up

Only SBC with Cutting Edge Next Generation Features

Rate Plan Normalization

  • Conversion of any termination client’s rate plan format to native format
  • Easy uploading of rate plans and conversion into respective templates
  • Auto conversion of all templates into native rate plan format

WebRTC SIP Gateway

  • Complete inter compatibility between WebRTC and SIP Gateway
  • Complete inter compatibility between WebRTC and SIP Gateway
  • Click-to-call, video call, video conference, web chat, screen sharing, and file transfer supported

Never go Negative

  • Restricts users account balance from going negative
  • Real-time monitoring of running calls to check low or zero user balance
  • Automatic call drop’ before user account balance turns negative

CLI & Non CLI Tester

  • Only Session Border Controller in the industry that detects CLI & Non CLI calls
  • System alert in case caller ID is not same as the one displayed in termination end i.e. if the number has been changed
  • Report generation on CLI & Non CLI calls

Call & Route Simulator

  • Available route checking facility for selected client and a dialed destination
  • Routing Sequence and its status checking facility among available routes
  • System will show data based on current capacity and route status
  • Call from any specific Carrier of any level to check rate, route & balance issue

Instant Wholesale

  • REVE Session Border Controller offers instant online signup for carriers
  • Instant route selling and buying in a single platform
  • Online payment & balance withdraw facility
  • All types of reporting in each panel

Core Features

Client Management

  • REVE SBC VoIP Supports 3 types of clients (Originating, Terminating and Both)
  • Supports both Prepaid and Postpaid Payment
  • Termination prefix and strip prefix to adjust termination call with prefix
  • Client authentication by IP & Prefix

Rate Plan

  • Prefix wise multiple rate plan
  • Supports pick & off pick based rate management
  • Easy modification of rate plan by changing (% value) in existing plan
  • Future date wise scheduled rate management
  • Destination wise TAX activation facility
  • Fast upload and easy to download rate plan as CSV file.
  • Types of Rating: Per minute, Per Second, Fixed Price per Call etc.


  • Base Rate Plan can be managed
  • Multiple Offer Can Manage (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • Analysis Rate for Multiple Termination Carrier
  • Create Offer Rate for Origination Carrier
  • Compare carrier Rate with Offer Date (Rate Increase, Decrease and No change view facility)
  • Direct Mail to Carrier


  • Dial Number Translation
  • Caller ID Modification
  • Caller ID Allow/Block
  • Dial Number Length Verification & Block

Group Routing

  • Different route setting under a single route group or more
  • Easy assigning a specific group to clients with similar preference of routes.
  • Minimum and Maximum digits for each destination can be set.
  • Enormous time & hassle of assigning routes to clients individually & repeatedly is avoided

Advanced Routing

  • Dialed destination based Routing
  • Loss Less Routing (LLR)
  • Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • Percentage (%) Based Routing
  • Quality Based (ACD/ASR/PDD) Routing
  • Time Based Routing
  • Quality Based LCR Routing
  • LRN and MNP dip based Routing
  • Source & Destination based Routing
  • Overflow & Route Capacity based Routing
  • Specific Prefix based Rate plan and Route Tagging to maximize Profit

Reconcile Module

  • Admin can select time slot to do this operation
  • Can select all client or specific clients
  • Admin can choose current rate plan or new rate plan to re-rate CDR
  • Reprocessing will be done only for the changed rate/s of calling destination, not for all CDR

User Behavior
Based Reporting

  • Shortcut links suggestion for user in the login page based on their mostly accessed reports
  • No hassle of selecting monitoring report options over and over

Analysis & Reporting

  • Dashboard monitoring
  • Real time report on active call, live call logs & SIP log trace.
  • Custom report generation (Origination/Termination Client wise, IP Wise etc based on user’s demand
  • Detailed report (Successful, Failed Authentication Failed).
  • Summary report (Hourly, Daily, Monthly)
  • Specific Search (Callee and Called Number, Duration based, Disconnect Cause Code).
  • Gateway/ACD/ASR/PDD wise report.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring Reports in graph format (Time wise, Client Wise, Hourly, Daily, Monthly)


  • Summary report generation to check & compare call amount, recharge amount, profit, remaining balance and more.

Reprocess CDR

  • Admin can select time slot to do this operation
  • All client or specific clients can be selected
  • Admin can choose current rate plan or new rate plan to re-rate CDR
  • Reprocessing will be done only for the changed rate of calling destination, not for all CDR

Sales Person wise
Account Management

  • Sales person wise individual reports generation to check number of clients they handle, profit/loss status, call volume and more

Invoice Management

  • Supports client to client invoice customization
  • REVE Session Border Controller Supports auto & manual invoice generation
  • Invoice generation in both CSV and PDF format
  • Notification of invoice via both email and SMS
  • Invoice Configuration
    - Client-wise
    - Daily or weekly or Monthly
    - Specific Date and time Zone Wise
    - Due Date Management
  • Single invoice facility for multiple services (Voice, SMS, MTU etc.)
  • Stores all previous invoice log
  • Payment posting facility and tagging option against each invoice

Activity Log

  • Highest security level to check billing modifications for modules like ‘Client Add’, ‘Delete’, ‘PinAdd/Delete’, ‘Rate Plan Add/Delete’, ‘Rate Change Information’, etc.
  • All billing activities can be traced by selecting the specific dates, time and who worked at which time from which login IP, etc.

Wholesale SMS

  • Easy SMS rate management
  • Supports HTTP and SMPP gateway
  • Easy route management
  • User friendly, detailed and summary report
    - Failed, successful & pending report
    - Group report by SMS type, Sender, Receiver, Country
  • Profit loss analysis and invoice management

Mobile Top Up

  • Supports easy and separate rate plan management
  • Supports currency wise conversation rate management
  • Standard API for connectivity with originating IP client
  • Supports all standard international MTU gateway for termination (Transfer to, Mobi kwik, Ezee top, Recharge now, Pay point, Cellcom, Topup24, REVE Gateway etc.)
  • Provides detailed monitoring report, failed cause analysis, profit loss management and invoice generation

Real-time Billing

  • Mid-Call Re-AUTHORIZATION after every set time interval for True Prepay.
  • Safe Amount / Percentage Margin / Credit Limit based Call Snapping
  • Pre-pay & Post-pay Billing
  • Real-time CDR Processing
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Blocking / Unblocking of Destinations
  • Online Payment Gateway Integration
  • Periodic & Instant Invoice Generation
  • Customized Billing Cycle
  • Invoices in PDF & Excel Format

Online & Bank
Payment Support

  • Supports online payment gateway
  • Supports Debit/Credit card
  • Currency conversion and balance adjustment
  • Clients can make payments at Bank & upload information in system for the admin

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Supported ProtocolsH.323, SIP (RFC 3261), SIP-I, SIP-T, MSRP
Media: RTP, RTCP
Codec SupportAudio : In conversion mode: OPUS, G.711 , G.729 and in Transparent mode all Standard codec
Video : H.263, H.264
Web ServerJakarta, Apache
DatabaseOracle, MySQL & MS-SQL
PlatformLinux / Unix Based
ArchitectureSupports distributed Architecture for Robust deployment

Supported Protocols & Session Control

  • SIP v.2.0 (RFC 3261, RFC 4566), SIP-I
  • SMPP v3.4 protocol for SMS and HTTP
  • RFC 3863, 3428, 3903, 3515 and new RFC
  • Caller-Carrier PTIME isolation
  • Media Monitor
  • RAW IPDRs / Rated CDRs posted
  • to Mediation Server / Local Memory
  • SIP Header Manipulation/Topology Hiding
  • Error Code Adaptation
  • Support for Proxy and Non Proxy

Tones & Media Functions

  • All standard Codec in Transparent Mode:
    G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729a, G.729b, G.729ab, iLBC, G.722,
  • AMR-NB, AMRWB, GSM Codec Support etc.
  • Codec Transcoding based on Voice Codec (OPUS,G711,G729)
  • Auto In band / Out band DTMF over IP (INFO, RFC 2833)
  • Media: RTP, RTCP
  • T.38 Fax Relay Protocol

System Architecture

  • 1+1 Hot Standby
  • Supports distributed Architecture for Robust deployment
  • Real time data backup
  • Web Server: Jakarta, Apache Tomcat
  • Database: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL & MS-SQL

WebRTC Functionality

  • Compatible with any client that complies
  • with WebRTC standards.
  • SIP over Secure WebSocks
  • SIP Internetworking

Installation Platforms

  • Supports Unix/Linux Based Platform

Solution Architecture




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