iTel VoIP Softswitch

iTel VoIP Softswitch

iTel Switch is a single Softswitch platform for global Retail, Wholesale, Calling card & Call shop business. Being a highly customizable and scalable VoIP Softswitch with integrated billing, it serves as an ideal platform for all the VoIP service providers who want to provide a wide range of VoIP services. iTel VoIP Softswitch has been designed to meet the highest needs of carriers. This VoIP Softswitch also ensures most reliable and cost effective solution, that can help VoIP service providers grow as a giant global carrier in VoIP industry. Multilevel reseller support, easy end user interface, integrated billing, intelligent routing and class 4 & 5 Softswitch features are some of the many benefits of iTel Switch.

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Key Features

Rate Plan Management

The advance rate plan management facility of iTel Softswitch enables a VoIP Service Provider to create, modify, upload, download rate plan in the most flexible way.

  • Prefix wise Multiple rate plan management
  • Supports F&F Rate,Package management,Pick & Off Pick based rate management
  • New rate plan creation by changing a specific amount (of % value) in existing plan.
  • Future date wise rate management
  • TAX activation facility
Rate Plan Mangement Feature iTel Switch
iTel Switch Routing

Flexible & Advanced Routing

iTel Softswitch enables VoIP service providers to utilize its advanced call routing facility for ensuring greater revenue and competitive advantage.

  • Prefix Based Group Routing
  • Loss Less Routing (LLR)
  • Time & Quality Base Routing
  • Quality Base LCR routing & Least Cost Routing(LCR)
  • Traffic sharing or Percentage Base Routing

Live Call Monitoring

Real time call monitoring facility of iTel Softswitch with detailed and summary reports assists VoIP Service Providers to plan accordingly and run the business comfortably.

  • Transparent monitoring system with detail and summary reports
  • Monitoring Graph (Pie chart, Bar Graph)
  • Active call list with detail and summary view with ASR / ACD Quality monitoring
  • Advanced live call log monitoring facility along with detailed SIP log
  • Total calls monitoring (In Progress Calls, Concurrent Calls and Connected calls)
Live Call Monitoring iTel Switch
Multi Layer Security iTel Switch

Multilayer Security

iTel Softswitch provides maximum security for VoIP Service Providers to prevent unauthorized login or hacking attempts and ensures an uninterrupted profitable business

  • 2FA authentication by integrating OTP device for admin and reseller access
  • Set user wise role and build IP restriction.
  • Auto block of user name and password for consecutive failed attempts
  • White List or Black List of IPs to control who can send calls through the system
  • Admin can trace all user's billing activities(information modified or deleted)

Analysis & Reporting

Flexible reporting option of iTel Softswitch plays a major role in planning, monitoring, analyzing and forecasting VoIP Service Provider’s business status.

  • Dashboard monitoring
  • Client and Carrier wise separate reporting panel
  • Payments & Recharge history reports
  • Client and destination wise profit-loss report
  • Manual & automated invoice generation
Advanced Reporting Systems iTel Switch
Alarm System iTel Switch

SMS and Email Based Alert System

With behavioral based alert system of iTel Softswitch, VoIP Service Providers can reduce probable business risks and ensure uninterrupted services for their clients through notifications received via SMS and Email

  • System Alert for Unusual Disk, CPU, Memory Usage and Route Down
  • Performance Alert for unusual ASR, ACD and Average PDD
  • Each Route wise separate alert for unusual ASR, ACD and Average PDD
  • Behavioral Alert for Unusual No. of Calls and Termination Gateway Down
  • Alert for Unwanted Recharge, Low Balance, and Unauthorized User Access

Call Simulator

Call Simulator feature of iTel Softswitch allows VoIP Service Providers to test PINs with the available routes and check if they are performing properly.

  • Available route checking facility for a dialed number
  • Routing Sequence and its status checking facility among available routes
  • Call from any specific PIN of any level to check rate, route & balance issue
  • Gateway and route quality checking facility
  • Mailing facility of sending report to the vendor
iTel Switch Call Simulator
Client Management iTel Switch

Client Management

Client management feature of iTel Softswitch enables VoIP Service Providers to manage reseller, originating, terminating and both (originating & terminating) type of client in the easiest way.

  • Supports 4 types of clients (Reseller, Originating, Terminating and Both)
  • Supports N Level resellers and Commission Based or Rate Based resellers
  • Supports both Prepaid and Postpaid payment
  • Client wise separate IVR, currency and language management
  • Client authentication by IP, Prefix and Caller ID

DID Management

DID management of iTel Softswitch with interactive IVR, PIN & PIN less calling facility allows VoIP Service Providers to handle calling card business efficiently

  • DID Extension and DID Hunting Number Management
  • Personal DID Management with online DID Purchase Facility
  • Supports Multiple currency
  • DID Multiplexing & Direct Dialing or Speed Dials
  • Most advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system in Multiple Languages
DID Management iTel Switch
Prepaid Postpaid Billing Facility iTel switch

Payment Management

iTel Softswitch ensures a flexible payment system that enables VoIP Service Providers to receive payment from resellers while resellers to receive from end users in the quickest and easiest way.

  • Supports major online Payment Gateways
  • Currency conversion rate setting facility to adjust balance in billing automatically
  • Clients can make payments at Bank and upload information in System for the admin
  • Recharge Card generation facility to recharge end user/reseller/originating client's account

iTel Switch Modules

Switch Partitioning

Reseller Partitioning

Alternate Reseller Billing

Calling Card Platform

Callshop Platform

Mobile Top Up Platform

“Using iTel Switch, we have been able to run our VoIP business without any worries. It's multi-layer security system that provides protection from any kind of hacking attempts.”

M N Islam

Founder & CEO, TiCON System

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