REVE Mobile OTT Solution

REVE OTT is a customized and white label mobile OTT solution that allows Communication Service Providers to build their VoIP based own branded mobile OTT app and launch service on the existing network. Users registered under Service Provider’s brand, can communicate with each other through this app over multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and PC. With REVE OTT solution, service providers can offer Instant Messaging (IM), Media Sharing, Audio-Video Calling beside Cheap International Outbound Calls, Mobile Top Up and many more useful features to drive traffic and grow user base while retaining existing users. Furthermore, service providers can fight the rising competition from top OTT players like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and others without bringing any change to their existing business with an own branded mobile OTT app.

Why Choose REVE OTT App

White Label &

Customize the app and its features under your own brand name, based on your business & you can compete with top OTT players by saving a lot of time & money

Faster Calling &

Let your users connect with each other over high quality voice or video calling and messaging, faster than any other Mobile OTT app available in the industry

Best Quality in Low
Bandwidth Areas

Empower your users with the ability of making crystal clear audio-video calls from anywhere, over any connection even in low bandwidth areas and restricted networks

New Revenue

With an own branded mobile OTT app and service, you can generate new revenue streams for your existing business and stop losing more revenue to OTT players

Key Features

Auto Sign up

Auto sign-up turns user’s mobile number into their pin automatically saving enormous hassle

Instant Messaging

Allow unlimited communication between users through real time individual & group messaging

Media Sharing

Enable users share files, photos and videos in real time with each other from anywhere

Location Sharing & Trackingg

Users can share their exact location with their friends and families from anywhere in the world

Audio-Video Calling

Offer high quality audio-video calling from any network without compromising on voice & image clarity

Referral Credit

Users can refer this app to their friends over Social Media and get credit back instantly in their account

Calling Minutes Packages

Users can search and choose best suited calling package from the given calling minutes packages

Multiple Recharge Options

Users can recharge their accounts easily and quickly using Credit-Debit Card or PayPal or Recharge Card

Supported Platforms





For Whom

Mobile Virtual Network
Operator (MVNO)

Mobile Network
Operator (MNO)


VoIP Service

Technical Specifications

REVE Mobile OTT solution always uses the latest trends in audio codec and transportation technology, so that service providers can keep up with the latest innovations and best serve their end users

  • Up to 1024 Bit RSA Encryption
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • Supported Codecs – g729, AMR, GSM, g711 and Opus
  • UDP and TCP Transport
  • Runs behind NAT or private IP
  • Supports 3G/4G, GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi for internet connectivity
iTel IM Dialer Technical Specifications

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