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Build Your White Label Communication App with IM, Voice,
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White label Communication Solution

REVE OTT is a customized and white label mobile OTT solution that allows Communication Service Providers to build their VoIP based own branded mobile OTT app and launch service on the existing network. Users registered under Service Provider’s brand, can communicate with each other through this app over multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and PC. Why REVE white label Messaging App? Instant Messaging (IM), Media Sharing, Audio-Video Calling beside Cheap International Outbound Calls, Mobile Top Up and many more useful features to drive traffic and grow user base while retaining existing users. Furthermore, service providers can fight the rising competition from top OTT players like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and others without bringing any change to their existing business with an own branded mobile OTT app.

Why Choose REVE White Label Messaging App

White Label & Customizable

Select and create a version, skin, language & settings under your own brand to suit your specific needs & gain competitive advantage over other OTT players in the market.

Best Quality in Low Bandwidth Areas

Empowers users to make crystal clear high definition audio-video calls over any connection, from anywhere even in low bandwidth areas and restricted networks.

Faster Calling & Messaging

Users can enjoy fast voice or video calling and messaging with rich features suite.

New Revenue Streams

A customized OTT app & service, with own logo and branding, gives you advantages to capitalize on your existing customer base & increase your revenue.

Why invest in REVE OTT?

  • Maximizing revenue from virtual roaming
  • Attaining revenue from global Voice calling & SMS. Balance will deduct from GSM Account
  • Personalized Ad targeting through the segmented user base
  • Enabling Operators to access competitors’ customer base by engaging them with your OTT apps and then send them different promotional content
  • Can sell Personal DID Number to the end user
  • Can offer Mobile TOP UP
  • Can sell VAS service from OTT Application
  • Instead of sending VAS content in SMS, Operator can send it through IM message to the end user to save SMS cost
  • As IM support rich content, any type of content can be sent

Supported Platforms




For Whom

Mobile Virtual Network
Operator (MVNO)

Mobile Network
Operator (MNO)


VoIP Service

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