Role of Mobile SIP Dialer in VoIP Business

Role of Mobile SIP Dialer

Mobile SIP Dialer can be considered as the lifeline of VoIP business and an indispensable part. It enables VoIP Service providers to offer feature-rich calling service along with various other features such as instant messaging, mobile recharge, value added services to name a few.  VoIP call rates are much low compared to regular GSM calls, […]

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Convert SMS Http API into SMPP – Overcoming the Challenges

Convert SMS http API to SMPP

Application program interface and Short Message Peer-to- Peer are two common ways of sending SMS. Http API is a popular way and scalable for enterprises who wants to send between 50 and 100 messages at one go. On the other hand, this SMPP is suitable for large enterprises who has large volume of bulk SMS […]

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SIP/VoIP Fraud Attacks: Why Operators Need a Reliable Solution?

VoIP Fraud Attacks

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is vulnerable to several attacks without the right security measures to protect the network. Compared to the traditional GSM network, in the IP Network, SIP works at the application layer. Thus it faces the dual threat of IP-network security and SIP protocol fraud issues. Different types of protocols are used by […]

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A2P SMS Market – Growth & Opportunities


Businesses or enterprises in the communication market space depends a lot on A2P messaging to connect with mobile consumers. In order to notify users about various types of company updates, businesses use text messaging. This results in revenue growth of the company. SMS proves as an effective medium for travel, tourism, marketing, healthcare and other […]

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Which Mobile OTT Features Let You Win Tough Market Competition

Mobile OTT

A new study from Juniper Research found that Mobile operator voice revenue is likely to move below to $208 billion by 2024 from $381 billion in 2019.  The main reason behind this is the preference of more flexible and free OTT (Over-the-Top) services by users. As rightly said by Malcolm Gladwell, journalist, author & speaker, […]

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