iTel Byte Saver

iTel Byte Saver

An advanced VoIP tunneling software that helps VoIP service providers offer their services in geographical areas where VoIP calls are blocked by firewalls or bandwidth is low. Offered to iTel Mobile Dialer customers, iTel Byte Saver reduces bandwidth consumption up to 70% at the originating end. Using efficient tunneling technology, it passes calls to the VoIP service provider's Softswitch through any internet firewall or blockage by establishing a tunnel between itself and iTel Mobile Dialer. Furthermore, iTel Byte Saver ensures much less voice delay because of distributed media IPs.

Key Features

iTel Byte Saver can conveniently bypass firewalls through optimizing bandwidth in VoIP blocked and low badnwidth areas offering seamless VoIP calling experience for end users at all times.

  • Passes calls through any internet firewall or blockage
  • Distributed media for less voice delay
  • Saves up to 70% on bandwidth consumption
  • Compatible with any standard SIP Softswitch
  • Handles 1000 concurrent calls per server
iTel Byte Saver features
iTel Byte Saver Technical specifications

Technical Specifications

A server based tunneling software that uses various tunneling and data encryption methods to improve quality of VoIP communication while installed in between Mobile Dialer and Softswitch

  • Supports G.729 codec
  • Provides NAT support to prevent one way voice problem
  • Controls RTP network wise packet size for smoother voice quality
  • Data encryption for maximum security
  • Use of UDP & TCP as transport method to bypass all packet filtering

How it works

iTel Byte Saver works efficiently in between the VoIP mobile client and service provider's softswitch. Calls travel from the mobile SIP client to iTel Byte Saver and by using its efficient tunneling technology, the software passes the call to the mobile VoIP service provider's softswitch. Further, the call gets registered and authenticated directly by service provider's SIP Softswitch.

how iTel Byte Saver Works

“iTel Byte Saver is the life saver for our business. Best tunnelling product we have ever seen.”

Mr. Sanaul Haque, President & CEO

Sadiatec CO.Ltd, Japan

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