The 15 Best Virtual Phone Systems for Small Businesses in 2024

best virtual phone system for small business

Today, the marketplace is fiercely competitive and customer experience is everything. Statistics reveal that 65% of customers have switched brands after a single negative phone experience. For small businesses, this could mean lost leads, frustrated customers, tarnished reputation, and ultimately, loss in revenue. But there’s a solution – a virtual phone system for small businesses. […]

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VoIP Troubleshooting: 13 Common VoIP Problems and Solutions

voip troubleshooting

VoIP technology has revolutionized the way we communicate. However, like every other technology, VoIP comes with its challenges. Choppy calls, dropped connections and one-sided conversations are common issues with VoIP. According to a survey, 51% of respondents stated that audio issues are the biggest problem during virtual meetings. These glitches can not only disrupt workflows […]

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What is Business Communication? Importance & Best Practices

what is business communication

Have you ever walked out of a meeting confused or felt that the product team failed to communicate the features and benefits of a newly launched product to the sales team? You’re not alone. Studies show that poor communication costs businesses thousands of dollars a year. Also, a whopping 92% of business professionals believe effective […]

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What is an Outbound Call? Key Benefits & Strategies Explained

what is an outbound call

What is an outbound call? Well, we’ve all been there – phone rings, an over-friendly voice on the other end pushing a new service you don’t need. That’s an outbound call in action and no wonder, you hang up immediately in frustration. But here’s the thing: outbound calls can be incredibly valuable for businesses when […]

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Contact Center Automation: Types, Benefits & Best Practices

Contact Center Automation

Imagine you have had a smooth-running contact center for so long. But in the past few months, something’s been up. You’ve noticed a dip in both agent productivity and customer satisfaction and the trend isn’t looking good. There are longer hold times and frustrated agents. Digging deeper, you found that repetitive queries are bogging down […]

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RCS vs SMS: What is the Difference?


RCS vs SMS, which one do you think is the best for text messaging? A 2022 ‘ScienceDirect’ study shows that active mobile subscribers reached over 8 billion in 2020 which was less than one billion in 2000. A good portion of this number prefers text messaging over verbal communication, especially when they are in a […]

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