All You Need to Know About A2P SMS Platform Provider

A2P SMS Provider

Did you know “48% of the world population owned smartphones in the year 2021?” Did you also know “48.7 million people chose to receive business SMS Messages in 2020 and 75% of people aged 44 and below like contacting businesses via text”? Though today, there are plethora of business marketing tools including social media and […]

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SMPP Gateway: Everything You Need to Know About SMPP SMS Gateway

SMPP SMS Gateway

SMS Gateways are an indispensable part of the SMS sending and receiving process. Anyone, who is into a business that deals in SMS must have a thorough understanding of SMS Gateways. In this post we are going to learn the various aspects of SMS Gateways. Let’s get started: Evolution of SMS Gateways The very basic […]

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SMPP Server: How to Choose Best Secure SMPP Server Provider?

SMPP server

Are you into the bulk SMS Business? Do you plan to offer an SMS solution that can handle carrier grade SMS traffic without any difficulty? Do you want to start your own A2P messaging platform? Then this post is a must read for you. SMS business is a lucrative and fruitful opportunity as it is […]

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How to Get Own A2P Messaging Platform for Bulk Messaging

A2P Messaging Platform

A2P messaging is one of the most popular and widely used messaging channels for commercial communication through A2P messaging platform. The reasons behind the tremendous popularity of A2P messaging is its incredible open rates. Since business messages are highly time sensitive, A2P messages appear to be the perfect fit for business purposes. What is A2P […]

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How to Choose the Best SMS Gateway Platform for Your Business

Best SMS Gateway Provider

As per stats, 64% of consumers think businesses should connect with them via text messages more often. Interestingly, 75% of consumers want to receive texts with special offers. Even with the introduction of numerous modes of communication every now and then, SMS is still a popular method used by businesses around the globe to connect […]

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Why SMS Marketing is So Effective & How it Can Help Businesses

SMS Marketing

With businesses looking forward for more efficient ways to target customers that are on the move, SMS is emerging as a highly-effective type of marketing tool as it has a very high opening rate. Some studies suggest that opening rate of text messages is about 98%, which is amazing! Though it is a common misconception […]

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What are A2P, P2P, and P2A Messaging?


In the messaging industry, there are various types of terminologies used among which A2P, P2P, and P2A are quite common. These terminologies explain different types of messaging technologies. Let us go deep into these technologies one by one.  A2P Messaging  A2P Messaging or Application-to-person messaging is a type of SMS a mobile user receives from […]

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What Features You Should Look for in an SMS Softswitch?

SMS Softswitch

As an SMS Provider, you should be quite familiar with the term SMS Switch or SMS Softswitch. This is the main element of an SMS Business as the entire routing function is handled by this module. Let’s first go through the definition of an SMS Softswitch. What is an SMS Softswitch? An SMS Softswitch is […]

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SMS Glossary: 25 Most Commonly Used SMS Industry Terms

SMS Glossary

With 9 out of 10 people opening their text messages, SMS is still a much popular mode of communication as compared to others such as email. Here we are going to mention some of the most important and widely used SMS industry terminologies that you should know and understand.  These popular SMS terminologies will help […]

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10 Must Have Features in a Wholesale SMS Platform

REVE SMS Wholesale Platform

With the continuous increase of Short Messaging Services (SMS) in every industry, major Tier 1 operators and carriers are looking forward to taking the steps to manage the traffic efficiently. An SMS Wholesale model helps international service providers and telecom operators to expand their business network across different geographies without going for multiple bilateral agreements. […]

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