Instant Messaging for Business – Future of Corporate Communication

Instant Messaging for Business - Future of Corporate Communication

As per a survey , it has been found that “More than 56% of global messaging app users say that they’ve messaged businesses to get help during the different stages of the buyer’s journey.” In another study, it was found that “Availability and activeness of a brand instills purchasing confidence in more than 66% of the consumers while 55% of them […]

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How Enterprise Instant Messaging Speeds up Business Productivity?


Instant messaging used in businesses help employees to communicate with each other in real-time. The main objective of using this communication process at work is to collaborate share information and make the decision-making process quick. Instant messaging has been quite popular for personal use for peer-to-peer communication but nowadays enterprise instant messaging solution is also […]

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5 Reasons to Consider Enterprise Messaging for Your Business


According to a recent study by, an average person spends 90 mins of the day on their phone.  Business productivity now a days depends heavily on effective mobile communication.  Fast mobile messaging has become extremely important for productivity.  Almost 70-80% of internal communication within an enterprise will be conducted through messaging apps on mobile […]

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Enterprise Instant Messaging App-Is Security the Utmost Priority?


72% UK enterprises have banned the use of public instant messaging (IM) software due to security fears, discloses a recent survey published by ProcessOne. (Source- HSL Mobile) Does your heart beat faster when you think about your enterprise messaging security? The fear is obvious! Because, only secure enterprise instant messaging can progress your workflow and efficiency, […]

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