Why Do Businesses Use WhatsApp Alternative for Secure Communication?

WhatsApp Alternative

With a staggering 2 billion active users per month, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. While it is loved and liked for everyday communication, when it comes to business communication, it’s a big ‘No’. Why? Well, let us discuss why businesses prefer using a WhatsApp alternative for secure communication. Risks Associated […]

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The Ultimate Guide to SMS Fraud Detection and Prevention

SMS Fraud detection

In the age of smartphones and apps emerging every other second, it may appear that the concept of traditional SMS messaging is almost on the verge of extinction. But that’s really not true. In fact, if we look at the numbers, it is clear that SMS is still the king of all communication channels. Let’s […]

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Why a Reliable VoIP Softswitch Solution Provider is Important?

VoIP Softswitch Solution

Modern day VoIP communications need to be flexible and effective amidst the rapid changes happening every single day. A softswitch plays a crucial role in the successful execution of VoIP communication by offering a number of benefits. While there are many softswitches available in the market, here we are talking about class 4 & 5 […]

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