The Difference Between Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitch


The VoIP industry is passing through a revolutionary time with new developments in the IP Communications arena. Nowadays many young entrepreneurs are getting into the VoIP business owing to the boom in this field. The communication business is growing rapidly with the increase in the subscribers base, who are adopting features like instant messaging, video calls, […]

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7 Benefits of Hosted VoIP Service for Startups


Hosted VoIP Service With Hosted VoIP, service providers generate maximum profit at lowest possible business costs. Worldwide adoption of Hosted VoIP service is increasing notably as more companies look to reduce business costs. And thus, when you talk about real low-capital investment, hosted service surely takes the floor. Hosted VoIP Service is considered a highly […]

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Features to Look for While Buying a Class 4 Softswitch


According to Grand View Research, the global mobile VoIP market size is expected to reach USD 145.76 billion by 2024.  The expansion of this market is driven by technological leap and increased usage of the new services over various channels.  Robust growth in the VoIP market depicts the importance and demand for VOIP business solutions. […]

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