What is a Virtual Phone Number & How to Get One?

virtual phone number

The telephone is a 100-year-old invention. It has shape-shifted with each passing decade and today the virtual phone number marks the latest evolution of this timeless technology.  Remember what Alexander Graham Bell once profoundly remarked? ‘When one door closes, another opens.’ In this digital age, the traditional doors of communication are slowly closing, making way […]

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Ultimate Guide to Call Routing: Types, Uses, and Benefits

what is call routing

Ever had a customer repeatedly call your business, only to end up frustrated? Odds are, they won’t be calling back again. Probably, they were never connected to the right person and thus never got the resolution. But can your business afford to lose out on such valuable opportunities? The precise answer is No. Fortunately, modern […]

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What is VoIP and How does it Work: A Detailed Guide

Landlines remind us of the slow and cumbersome communication. But fast forward a few years, the communication landscape transformed remarkably. Do you know who drove this revolutionary shift? It’s VoIP, the Amazon of the modern communication world. VoIP has disrupted traditional communication and is constantly evolving, just like Amazon did. In this blog, we’ll understand […]

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What is a VoIP Number? Types, Uses, Benefits, & Cost

Are you a small business owner juggling with multiple phone lines? Or, you’re a startup tired of struggling with poor call quality? Or, maybe you’re just a curious mind. Well, this article is going to make your life so much easier. Yes, there’s a lot of valuable information here, for each one of you!  Just […]

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Cloud Telephony Service Market Size, Industry Share & Growth Forecast


Cloud is dominating the market today, thanks to the immense benefits offered by this technology. Talking about Cloud Telephony, businesses worldwide are turning to cloud telephony solutions due to cost-effectiveness and remote working support. A few years back, businesses were stuck with those on-premise traditional phone systems that required large financial investments. Through this post, […]

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8 Important Benefits of White Label Hosted PBX Solution

white label hosted pbx

It is true that in-house products are best when it is about tackling a specific business problem or requirement, say the need for a tailor-made PBX system. But considering the technical constraints that a business has to face along with a lack of expertise in creating customized solutions, the whole effort can go in vain. […]

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What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications

With the increasing demand for communication tools, it has become imperative for businesses to manage workplace applications systematically. The traditional communication system or PBX equipment, which was so much popular a few years back has been outsmarted by the technology known as Unified Communications. Today as an entrepreneur, you need a solution that promises a […]

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Increase Revenue with White Label Cloud PBX

White label cloud PBX

Transition to VoIP started two decades back, but many businesses are still in the process of making this shift. This means service providers in the VoIP Industry have the opportunity to help businesses in making this shift. Considering that there are around 400 million small sized businesses worldwide, service providers can generate significant revenue streams. […]

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