What is a VoIP Gateway and How Does it Work?

VoIP Gateway

The Internet has seamlessly woven itself into our daily lives. However, numerous companies around the world persist with outdated telephony systems. Reason? Probably they are unable to make an immediate leap to VoIP. But then, the question arises: how can they still tap into VoIP advantages? This is where a VoIP gateway comes in. These […]

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How to Setup VoIP Phone at Home Like a Pro in 9 Easy Steps

how to setup voip phone at home

Imagine you are working from home juggling between tasks. Suddenly your phone rings. But it’s not your regular landline – it’s VoIP i.e. Voice over Internet Protocol. This means you handle calls like the ‘big shots’ do. No more “Can you hear me now?” moments, right? According to recent statistics, over 150 million people have […]

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