VoIP Security: How it Works, Encryption and Best Practices

VoIP Security

A recent survey conducted by JP Morgan shows that 94% of companies had taken serious steps to harden VoIP security. Why? Because they think VoIP threats and vulnerabilities like payment fraud, malware, service theft, and spoofing have been increasing significantly.   Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has revolutionized business communication, offering flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. […]

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What is White Label VoIP? Top 6 White Label VoIP Providers

Top 6 White Label VoIP Providers

If you work in a telco or an IT industry, the term VoIP must be familiar to you already. Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP in short is a communication technology used for voice or video communication over an IP (Internet Protocol) network, such as the Internet. But today, we’re not talking about what VoIP […]

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How to Text From a Different Number? 5 Foolproof Techniques

how to text from a different number

Are you in a situation where you need to send a text message to someone, but from a different number? You don’t want to use your personal number for sending the text probably because of privacy reasons, convenience, or perhaps a practical joke. Well, through this post, we will explore the different legitimate methods and […]

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What is Rich Messaging? Learn About RCS Business Messaging

rich messaging

Rich Messaging is taking the communication world by storm; it’s no longer limited to plain text and is therefore not static anymore. It has transformed communication into a dynamic and interactive experience. Imagine you receive a message from a business that feels like a mini website rather than a simple text. It has a nice […]

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Enterprise Session Border Controller: Functions & Benefits

Enterprise Session Border Controller

Do you feel the rapid changes in the ever-evolving communication system we use regularly? Surely you do. In enterprise communications, the Enterprise Session Border Controller (ESBC) is crucial in ensuring security, interoperability, and quality. As businesses transition from traditional PBX systems to VoIP, Unified Communications (UC), and cloud services, the ESBC emerges as a guardian, […]

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9 Key Trends in Telecommunication to Know in 2024

trends in telecommunication

Telecommunications serve as the backbone of modern connectivity. It is no longer just about phone calls and higher downloading speeds, rather it’s like a launchpad for the unimaginable. The emergence of amazing trends in telecommunication like the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence, the rapid deployment of 5G, and the immersive experiences offered by Metaverse is […]

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What is SMSC Number & How to Find SMSC Number on Android?

what is smsc number

In the modern web of communication technology, there are so many fundamental components often overlooked yet hold immense value. One such essential yet overlooked element is the SMSC number – a number that works behind-the-scenes to ensure effective SMS communication. Often, mobile users are unaware of what is SMSC number, the role it plays in […]

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