How to Create Your Own WhatsApp Like Messaging App?


Creating Your Own WhatsApp like Messaging App When you create your own WhatsApp like messaging app, you have the potential to enhance your business by generating good revenue. This is because of the growing trends of these messaging apps. These applications are also known as communication apps. Mobile data & analytics company, App Annie, in its Q2 […]

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How to Prevent Spoofing Calls? A Practical Prevention Guide

how to prevent spoofing calls

Today, our phones are nothing less than our lifelines. However, the constant bombardment of spoofed calls is not just an annoyance, rather it is a dangerous phenomenon that’s growing largely. According to the statistics, “In the U.S. as of August 2023, Americans have received 5.46 billion robocalls and each person receives almost 17 spam calls […]

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Why Mobile Analytics is Important For An OTT Communication App?

mobile analytics for OTT app

Do you know, mobile analytics is an excellent way to track the performance of your OTT communication app? Like every business, collecting feedback from customers and measuring the performance of the mobile app is very important for its success. Tracking your mobile application’s analytics empowers you to make the required modifications  so that your OTT […]

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Frequently Asked Questions While Choosing an SBC Vendor

Frequently Asked Questions While Choosing an SBC Vendors

10 Questions to Ask from SBC Vendors when Buying Session Border Controller A Session Border Controller is a dedicated network element used to control real-time communication calls/sessions over SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) infrastructures. If you are a communication service provider and want to buy the best Session Border Controller, you must […]

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