SIP vs PRI: Which One to Choose for Your Business?


Effective communication lies at the core of every successful business, and a dependable phone system serves as the foundation for smooth and seamless voice interactions within an organization. SIP and PRI are both telephony technologies that serve as vital tools for establishing communication channels in businesses. Comparing SIP vs PRI, we will learn that both […]

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What is a Virtual Network Function? Exploring VNF vs. NFV

virtual network function

The modern networking landscape constantly evolves with innovative technologies like Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and its building blocks, Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). From the way they are designed and deployed to how they’re managed, these technologies are transforming every aspect of networks.  Through this blog, we will be discussing the intricacies of VNFs or Virtual […]

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How to Find the Owner of A VoIP Number? 15 Foolproof Ways

how to find the owner of a voip number

Did you miss an important call or receive a suspicious one? You have no clue about the caller, and now when you try to call back, you get the message that the number is unavailable. Certainly, you want to know how to find the owner of a VoIP number. But how do you trace the […]

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Warm Transfer vs Cold Transfer: Difference & Why It Matters

Warm Transfer vs Cold Transfer

A recent Zendesk report shows that over 70% of customers want companies to have interdepartmental collaboration before transferring a call, and 68% get annoyed when their calls are transferred in the first place. It proves how essential it is to understand the concept of warm transfer vs cold transfer, especially if you are in a […]

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VoIP Advantages and Disadvantages: A Comprehensive Guide

Voip advantages and disadvantages

You must have heard and read about VoIP and how it is revolutionizing the way we communicate. While the nature of work is changing, desk phones are becoming obsolete and VoIP is taking over. It has made our lives much simpler. But is it devoid of drawbacks? Well, this blog post will take a balanced […]

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