iTel Ultra Dialer Industry Leading VoIP Mobile Dialer in the Market

iTel Ultra Dialer

iTel Ultra Dialer is a VoIP Softphone that facilitates flawless communication in extremely low bandwidth areas. A normal VoIP call on G.729 codec consumes 25 kbps however; iTel Ultra Dialer due to its advanced bandwidth saving technology uses only 5kbps. Service providers operating in low bandwidth areas can now offer crystal clear VoIP calls with iTel Ultra Dialer.

Why your business needs iTel Ultra Dialer

VoIP Calls at only 5kbps without compromising Voice quality!

Key Features of

iTel Ultra Dialer

VoIP calls at only 5 kbps
Seamless integration with mobile phonebook
Account balance information on the mobile phone screen and also via IVR.
Supports 3G/4G, GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi for internet connectivity.
Supports PIN to PIN call
Call log history up to 30 ( Outgoing, Incoming, Missed )

Technical Specifications


Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Supported Platforms

Windows Mobile, iOS and Android

Supported Codecs

g729, AMR, GSM and g711


Package DetailsPlatformPrice
10,000 CR with iTel Byte SaverAndroid & iOS25,000$

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