Break the Barriers of
International Boundaries

REVE Virtual Roaming Solution

One Stop Solution for Service Providers, MNOS and MVNOS

REVE Roaming Solution is the next-gen technology that has simplified international roaming services for Service Providers, MVNOS and MNOS. A robust app based solution that prevents the hassle of building a roaming network from scratch and offer mobile subscribers access to international roaming services.

With REVE Roaming Solution, your end users can save up to 90% on international roaming charges and also facilitate them to communicate with their local mobile number while travelling.

Mobile subscribers can make and receive calls with home country number over data/WiFi network and can also enjoy calling at local calling rates while traveling abroad.

For mobile operators, the solution enables them to acquire improved customer loyalty and opportunity to retain the international roaming revenue stream. REVE Roaming Solution empowers operators to offer additional service such as Video Call, Audio/Video Call Conference, Call Transfer, Mobile Money etc.

Highlighting Features

   Incoming GSM Calls

   Outgoing GSM (SIP Out) Calls

   Voicemail/Missed Call Alert

   IP to GSM SMS

   App to App Audio/Video Calls

   Audio/Video Call Conference

   Instant Messaging

   File Sharing

   Sharing Recorded Voice Message

   Roaming Package Management

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