iTel Data Backup

iTel Data Backup is a real-time automated backup service for VoIP service providers. Offered to iTel Switch customers, the backup system keeps a mirror image of the softswitch database on another server, so that backup can be restored in case of any disaster. iTel Data Backup users can configure a specific backup time and schedule to take it on a periodic basis. The database of the softswitch will be restored within 30 minutes from the crashed server.

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Risks Surrounding Your VoIP Business

Data loss is the biggest threat to business, which not only affects revenue, but also results in unhappy customers. Hence, it becomes extremely necessary to adopt a disaster recovery plan for minimizing loss and give continuity to business.

This may occur due to the following reasons:

Hard drive crash of primary switch servers
Deletion of database due to human errors
Software or hardware failure
Operating system malfunctioning
Natural disaster
Risks Surrounding Your VoIP Business with iTel Data Back Up

Key Features of

iTel Data Backup

Facilitates backup from both main and replication servers.
Complete backup of main database and also option to take CDR backup of successful calls.
Options to download backed up database from the server.
Complete information about data like total number of clients, Pin, Rate plan from both main and replication database and also replication status information.
A list of the entire backup databases taken so far.
Notification via mail if replication is broken due to any reason.

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