PIN-less & Calling Card Platform

iTel Switch Calling Card platform is a complete system that supports both PIN and PINless calling services. It allows Service Providers sell physical calling cards with PIN as well as offer online managed service. It is a prepaid method of making cheap long distance calls using which users can save money on phone bills. Being a fastest growing VoIP service; it is mostly suitable for VoIP newcomers, businesses with established retail distribution channels, and service providers who want to ensure additional revenue flow.

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Operational Advantages

Calling Card Platform takes advantage of the DID technology. Service provider can provide calling card services to customers worldwide (wherever DIDs are available) – service providers only need the platform.

There is no gateway configuration necessary in order to make changes to users’ dialling plan, so carrier management is hassle-free and does not require any technical knowledge.

Key Features

PIN & PIN-less calling facility

Now offer PIN & PIN-less calling facility in a single platform. Customers can use PIN-less calling facility as per their requirements.
Multi-carrier support

Calling Card Platform allows clients to use multiple carriers, so that customers can take advantage of the least cost routing features.
Advanced IVR

Calling Card Platform is equipped with standard and advanced IVR messages. The administrator has the option to have the IVR announce time remaining in hours and minutes and recharging system.
PIN-less number registration for cards and customer accounts

Registered customers no longer need to enter a PIN number to make calls. Once they have registered their phone number, all calls made on that phone would be tracked by the billing software.
Call credit limit control

Radius-billing and fully integrated AAA into iTels’ Billing Solution ensures that call is automatically disconnected once the client balance is exhausted.
Enhanced billing software

With our Calling Card Platform, billing is integrated with Softswitch. So it is very easy to manage the billing, clients and call related information. Billing solution supports both prepaid and post-paid billing.
Reseller/Agent registration and management tools

With the help of Online Purchasing Module, customers and resellers can log-in, activate accounts, check their balances, call details and make their credit card payments with all security standards required.
Online call monitoring tool

With this tool, administrators can view the number of calling card users online along with some additional information regarding their activities. GUI billing platform is web-based, allowing administrators to log in from anywhere if they have internet access in order to manage their systems.
Direct Dialing and FnF

The platform allows setting one number in the switch where a user usually calls frequently. The call will be terminated to the following number by default whenever user attempts to call. That number in known as FnF number or Direct Dialing.

Basic Features

Multiple authorized caller IDs per user
Recharge via credit card
Multi-languages IVR
On low balance auto recharge or SMS notification
Auto provisioning system
Instant Signup Facility from Mobile Apps and as well from WEB
Speed dial
International Mobile Top up facility

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