How can Mobile VoIP Software Simplify Your Business Communication

Mobile VoIP Software

A recent popular research result shows that an estimated 688 businesses are in the VoIP industry and Global VoIP industry growth is predicted CAGR of 9.1% from 2016-2021! With the blessings of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, most of the business are going through revolutionary changes in the practices of communication.

A long time ago, it was the magic era of Telephone and Fax which were used as a communication method in many formal areas. With the popularity of internet services, Email took over and blew out its wonder wings to all the enterprises and business communications. Because of cheap internet services, email was fulfilling the need of cutting communication cost.

Since, email was not fulfilling the need of speedy communication practices, VoIP came and won the heart of business professionals. Nowadays, executives are more comfortable to use Mobile VoIP Software as a communication media. In a press release from Juniper Research, the total number of mobile VoIP users is expected to be 1 billion by the year 2017!! Wow, that’s huge, isn’t it?

The simple reason is that Mobile VoIP softwares can be afforded by all kind of businesses. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology is allowing operators to provide cheaper communication services to an ever-expanding global consumer base. This service is provided by many companies with differentiating prices, features, & terms. The virtual phone numbers are typically offered as local geographic numbers according to the selected city.

With VoIP systems, voice signals are converted into digital signals carried over the IP-based network. Businesses, regardless of size, can benefit from efficiently merging voice and data functions, and gaining innovative communication features with their VoIP service provider handling hosting, updating and troubleshooting. In a research, approximately 31% of all businesses use VoIP systems due to its productivity-boosting and cost-saving features. The reduced communication expenses and logistical benefits help companies gain a competitive edge over businesses that remain on the PSTN.

Why VoIP? 

Let’s have a quick look on why you should go for VoIP:

  • Enjoy calls at a lower price compared to the per minute charge of traditional telephone companies
  • Keep your business connected from any location with only a stable internet connection
  • VoIP phones require little to no installation, in terms of software and hardware
  • Supports multiple calls at same time such as conference and group calls
  • Offers more features such as caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, call blocking, voicemail, and much more

Now that you have an idea about the benefits of VoIP, you must now think about what kind of VoIP should you get for your business. When browsing different VoIP software, you must think which one will be most helpful for your business operations. Below are the factors to keep in mind while selecting a certain Mobile VoIP software for a simplified business communication:


Some VoIP providers offer more features, while some offer better ones. Always analyze whether the features they are offering are what your company needs. If you think they are offering too many, yet only a few can help your business grow, then choose some other VoIP system. Call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, conference call, video call and call filter are some of the most useful features that VoIP can offer. Make sure that whatever system you choose, it must have these basic features.


You can always choose a plan that is a right fit for your company needs. There are plans that provide unlimited local, long-distance and/or international voice and video calls. If your business is something that needs to make or receive calls from time to time, you better choose a service plan that offers unlimited perks to successfully cut costs.  If you don’t require international calling, then choose a plan that does not include unlimited international calls and is cheaper than the others.

Business Flexibility

VoIP phone systems and mobile apps are extremely flexible and can be used in a variety of ways across many devices. You can use mobile VoIP apps on your smartphone or tablet, or plug in a USB VoIP converter into your laptop to transform it into your own business communication centre, with calling and messaging capabilities. Additionally, VoIP makes it possible to use the same number, from a simple internet connection, no matter where you are located.

Customer Service

A study reports that 62% have to repeatedly contact a company to resolve an issue. A great product won’t do anything if the customer service is not great. Remember that, there will be times when we will need the assistance of the service provider. It is a lot better if they can attend to our concerns as soon as possible. That is why, it is a must for you to choose a service provider that caters their clients’ concerns in a nice and timely manner.


Now, the prices of VoIP tools aren’t far from one another. Considering the stiff competition these days, service providers make sure that the price for their service is competitive enough to be considered by their prospective clients.

The factors stated above are the most basic of all, which every businessman must consider before deciding over a VoIP software. Hence, they really ought to be careful, if they want to make the most of their chosen business VoIP system.

Mobile VoIP Software

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