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Kanika is a versatile researcher, blogger, and author, delving into the world of tech blogs covering Telecommunications and Cyber Security. With a solid engineering background, she turns intricate tech jargons into relatable, real-life stories. Her writing isn't just about words; it's a fusion of detail, intrigue, and relevance to the audience, reflecting her passion for writing and design. Beyond her work, Kanika finds joy in painting, and exploring new places while traveling.

What is an SMSC (Short Message Service Center)? Explained


With over 23 billion text messages sent per day, SMS is certainly one of the most popular communication tools. Whether it’s a friendly text for a dear one or a piece of business-critical information, the ‘power of 160 characters’ has refined the way we express ourselves. What’s more fascinating is the fact that no matter […]

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What is Direct Inward Dialing? Benefits & How to Get DID?

direct inward dialing

“The key to success in business is making sure you’re always available to your customers.” I’m sure you agree with this statement. Now picture this: A potential client calls your business, navigates through a confusing automated menu, presses button after button, and gets frustrated. Ultimately, they reach the voicemail and leave a message. Do such […]

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What is a Port Number? Types, Working, Examples

what is port number

Ever wondered how you can scroll through your favorite fitness videos, send emails, and do online banking all at once, without everything turning into a chaotic digital mess? It’s all because of the numeric maestros of the networking world- Port Numbers. Didn’t know what these are? Well, there are over 65,000 ports available each with […]

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What is an ISP? 9-Step Blueprint to Start ISP Business

what is an ISP

“We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.” is a wise statement by the world-renowned theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author Stephen Hawkings. Imagine: It’s weekend time and to set up the vibe, you plan to enjoy a movie night at home. With the flick of a button, you effortlessly […]

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What is a Network Switch? A Closer Look at Network Switches

According to recent reports, “The Network Switches market is projected to grow from USD 33 billion in 2023 to USD 45.5 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 6.6% during the forecast period”.  That’s a tremendous growth trajectory! But, what is a Network Switch exactly? And what does a network switch do? Curious to […]

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What is a Softswitch? Working, Types, Benefits & Use Cases


Today, VoIP is the most revolutionary communication technology that enables us to make and receive calls over the Internet. But who’s the powerhouse behind the revolutionizing VoIP technology? It’s the Softswitch! From managing the call setup, finding the best call routing path, and connecting the call within or across networks, a Softswitch ensures that VoIP […]

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How to Get a Business Phone Number in 2024 (The Easy Way)

how to get a business phone number

Did you know that “67% of consumers consider a responsive business more trustworthy?” (Sprout Social) and “53% of consumers prefer to talk to a real person when resolving a customer service issue?” (SuperOffice)? So what’s the key takeaway here? Yes, you got it right- Your Business Phone Number holds a huge profit potential! Remember when […]

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What is Session Initiation Protocol? How does SIP Works?

session initiation protocol

Statistics reveal that “In 2022, SIP accounted for over 60% of all business voice traffic.” Furthermore, studies also reveal that “By streamlining communication pathways, SIP is projected to save companies up to 50% on their telecommunication expenses by 2024.” This percentage signifies the dominance of SIP in handling business phone calls. Let’s visualize that you […]

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What is Transcoding? A Comprehensive Guide


Did you know that “YouTube processes over 500 hours of video every minute”, watched by users on screens of all shapes and sizes? But who is the ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ Magician that makes this seamless playback across devices possible? Let’s give a thought to the famous saying of Steve Jobs – “Technology is nothing. What’s important is […]

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What is Hosted VoIP? Benefits, Features & Top Providers

hosted voip

Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” In today’s modern communication world, Hosted VoIP stands as a pioneer. Those bulky on-premise telephony systems are now a thing of the past, Hosted VoIP has grabbed the spotlight. The latest market assessment estimates that the projected market size of the VoIP industry […]

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