5 Things You Should Consider before Starting a Mobile VoIP Business

Voice over Internet Protocol, familiar to us as VoIP, is not only a method of communication but has also become a business platform today. It is the most popular form of communication right now. Skype is one of the most popular applications that people use for VoIP communication. But, every VoIP service provider is not capable of attaining the same stature as that of Skype, because they fail to identify the bottlenecks in the Mobile VoIP business. Below is a list of 5 things that should be considered before setting up a mobile VoIP business –

1) Server Arrangement and Colocation

As you are going to run a VoIP business that fully depends on the software therefore, you should try to arrange a server with good configuration. Make sure you are hosting a server from a colocation & not from their resellers, as it will reduce your bureaucratic complexities during your server maintenance jobs. You do not want to go through the problems of server going down or packet loss or low bandwidth issue. So, before signing a contract with colocation, browse the market for different server hosting providers.

2) Consider Softswitch Performance

You’ll need to set up a Class 4 or Class 5 softswitch to operate your mobile VoIP business. First thing to consider while purchasing a softswitch is CPS (Calls per second). If a switch is capable of handling more calls per second, then it is definitely beneficial for your business. Call connectivity is another parameter to identify softswitch’s performance.

3) Bandwidth Optimization

A normal VoIP call with G.729 codec might use 31.6 Kbps. To operate an effective business, you should also consider the less bandwidth consumption. Currently, there are various bandwidth optimization applications being offered. These applications can reduce up to 70% bandwidth consumption at end user level.

4) Termination Provider

While setting up your business, you must consider below parameters before dealing with termination or route providers. The reliability of the termination provider, where there is high ACD (Average Call Duration) and ASR (Answer-Seizure Ratio) balanced with less PDD (Post Dial Delay). Mostly businessmen prefer the termination providers who offer low rate, but it is recommended to get into an agreement with the termination provider who promises quality service with a balanced rate.

5) Customer Satisfaction

When you are talking about VoIP business you must consider highest possible customer satisfaction. The market is too competitive, so if you do not satisfy client’s requirements you are surely going to lose a lions share of your clients rapidly. You should also consider a billing solution that makes it easy for the end users. Better if the payment gateways can be configured, so that the end users won’t have to be reminded for making any payments. Also, you should consider making the whole process automated. Try to keep most of the options at customer’s end, like signing up for account, balance transfer, making payment. Customer service must be available round the clock.

At the very end, just remember that you need to be updated with the market information and the latest features that are being offered by other VoIP organizations.

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