SMPP Server: How to Choose Best Secure SMPP Server Provider?

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Are you into the bulk SMS Business? Do you plan to offer an SMS solution that can handle carrier-grade SMS traffic without any difficulty? Do you want to start your own A2P messaging platform? Then this post about SMPP Server is a must-read for you.

SMS business is a lucrative and fruitful opportunity. This is because it is still one of the most popular communication channels used by business marketers throughout the world.

The fact that “SMSs are delivered within 5 seconds and opened within 90 seconds” further adds to its effectiveness.

So, what should one have in mind one planning to start an SMS business? What should be considered when choosing the right SMS Platform for wholesale carriers? How can you find a suitable SMS hubbing solution? Have you heard of the term SMPP server? Well, since you are going to deal in the SMS business, it is necessary to have a good and thorough understanding of SMPP servers. So let us see what it is.

What is an SMPP Server?

SMPP Server is an abbreviation of Short Message Peer to Peer Server. This is basically software that is used for providing SMS service over the Internet network. For sending and receiving SMS messages, the SMPP server makes use of the SMPP protocol. This protocol is one of the most popular standards used for the fast delivery of SMS messages sent in bulk form.

To start a bulk SMS service, you need to set up and configure an SMPP server on your device. The installation is usually quite easy (similar to installing any other software on the market) and quick.

How to Select the Best Secure SMPP Server Provider?

While there are several SMPP server providers in the market, choosing a secure provider might be difficult for you.

An SMPP server or Gateway platform would be no good if it does not endorse security even if it offers all other advanced features. Below mentioned are some useful security features that you should look for:


Fraud and intrusion are quite common attack methods adopted by cyber attackers these days. Due to this having an SMPP server platform with a robust SMS firewall is simply a must-have feature.

If you are not sure about the role of an SMS firewall in an SMPP server or SMPP Gateway, then you can do some online research for message content screening and message content alteration by regexp patterns. Besides this, the SMS firewall should allow whitelisting and blacklisting of numbers and vendor IPs.

Fraud Monitoring


Frauds are a common scenario in the telecom sector because of which several businesses suffer huge financial losses every year. An SMPP server platform with a 2 Factor Authentication feature for login can save you from fraudulent login attempts made by cybercriminals. It is crucial to understand that even if the login ID and password get compromised, unauthorized login attempts will remain unsuccessful because of 2FA.

Network Topology Hiding

This is an important security function that your SMPP server should support. The basic function of Network Topology Hiding is hiding network-related information which is carried by messages that are sent from a protected network to an unprotected network. This can prevent attacks intended for unauthorized access to NEs or interrupt the network services.

SSL Support

SMPP is widely used for value-added SMS content services such as mobile banking, payment reminders, stock and news alerts, railway and flight reservation inquiries, etc. These types of messages carry sensitive information such as user name, address, phone number, etc. which need to be protected.

SSL is an enhanced security function that you must have with your SMPP server. It stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a standard technology used for securing and safeguarding sensitive data that travels between two systems over an internet connection. Making use of encryption, SSL prevents cyber criminals and eavesdroppers from interpreting and modifying transferred information. Compromised messages or loss of messages can cause a lot of revenue loss and fatal consequences.

Key Features to Choose the Best SMPP Server Provider

Check the SMS Volume Requirement

Since you are starting your own business and will have different clients with different SMS volume requirements, it is important to ensure that your SMPP server provider fulfills your requirement of monthly SMS volume. For this, you need to figure out your requirements. If you already have an SMS business, then you can simply check the traffic for the last six months to get an idea.

Check Reliability

With this, we mean that the SMPP server or the SMS platform should be highly reliable because it will ensure the successful delivery of the SMS messages with minimum failovers. You can check for a real-time routing facility along with priority and LCR i.e. least cost routing feature that will allow you to choose a route with the lowest cost from the available routes. Based on the selected route, the SMPP server platform should also have the functionality of sender ID modification. You can also check percentage and time-based routing to ascertain the reliability of the SMPP Server.

Check the Availability of Real-Time statistics

A business can’t really grow if there’s no visibility of its performance in real time. With so much competition out there, it is imperative to have an SMPP server that provides detailed real-time analytics in the form of graphics as well as downloadable CDRs i.e. Call Detail Records so that you can analyze your profits for each customer and get an overall picture of your business performance.

Check Management Tools

An SMS business can generate significant revenues if you have the right tools at your disposal. It is important to pay attention to the features offered by the SMPP server for right selection. While selecting the right SMPP server for your bulk SMS business, you just cannot overlook the features offered by it. Some of the most essential and useful tools which you must look for are as follows:

Manage SMS Content with Ease

Your SMPP server platform should be able to mitigate issues of service blockage as a result of spam messages circulated by companies. For this, the content whitelisting feature in your SMPP server platform is quite useful. It can help the resellers in authorizing the content of the SMS before it is delivered to the end subscribers. They must be able to block and replace SMS text and sender ID.

Automated Invoicing

Billing cycle management becomes a breeze when the SMPP server platform has an Automated Invoicing facility. You can look for pdf and excel format support as these are popular formats for invoice generation.

Pricing and Rate Management

Look for an SMPP server platform with a destination-based rate control facility. Also, check for the upload and download facility for the rate plan. Ensure it comes with an active block feature, future rate facility, excel file support for rate upload, and E.164 & E.212 format support.

Check After Sales Customer Support

In order to leverage the SMPP server, it is essential to have a 24/7 technical customer support service. When you shortlist an SMPP server provider, ensure that their support staff is well-equipped and well-trained. This is crucial because only then they can help you with technical difficulties and several other issues. They must also help you with the integration of different types of APIs with the SMPP server. You can evaluate the effectiveness of their ticketing system by raising a few concerns and checking the usefulness of their replies. Even better? Some providers practice a proactive customer service approach. They will reach out to you time-to-time to help you with the product which can be a lot beneficial for both sides.

Look for a Reasonable SMPP Server Price

We cannot deny the fact that no two services can offer the same value and also that even free services come at a cost. You may also end up with an open-source SMPP server. But remember that a free SMPP server can only be good for some time and not in the long run. So, when it is about having your own SMS business, don’t look for free SMPP server services. Rather be ready to spend some extra money when you buy an SMS server if you really want to deliver valued services. These systems are generally licensed or hosted which means you can avail themselves as per your business requirement. Suppose, if you are a startup, then you can opt for a lower capacity license. This means  opting for a lower SMPP server price and can upgrade as your SMS traffic grows.

How to Buy a Reliable SMPP Server Setup?

We hope that the above-mentioned points will help you in making the right decision to buy an SMPP server. In case of any query regarding the SMPP server setup and purchase, you can always reach us. We have a team of experts who have extensive experience in the telecom domain.

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