5 Awesome Marketing Benefits of A2P Messaging

benefits of A2P Messaging

With more and more people relying on mobile phones to function in their daily lives, it has become imperative for businesses to create mobile-first marketing strategies. Amidst all the tools that help businesses in fast and convenient communication with customers, A2P messaging appears to be a popular and useful choice. This is because as per […]

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Deliver Improved Voice and Communication services with VoLTE


We have come a long way in terms of cellular network technology. However, amidst all the advancements, experiencing poor quality voice calls still persists as an issue. Crackling, Jitters, dropped syllables and connections that keep cutting out are some of the most common problems that annoy mobile phone users during voice calls. With more people […]

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How does STIR/SHAKEN help in Combating Spoofed Calls?

Fraudulent Spoofed Calling is one of the most popular methods used by scammers to trick their targets into revealing their personal or sensitive information which they can use to steal money or perform other fraudulent activities. By using this method, scammers are able to change the caller ID to any number other than the actual […]

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Why Do Businesses Use WhatsApp Alternative for Secure Communication?

WhatsApp Alternative

With a staggering 2 billion active users per month, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. While it is loved and liked for everyday communication, when it comes to business communication, it’s a big ‘No’. Why? Well, let us discuss why businesses prefer using a WhatsApp alternative for secure communication. Risks Associated […]

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The Ultimate Guide to SMS Fraud Detection and Prevention

SMS Fraud detection

In the age of smartphones and apps emerging every other second, it may appear that the concept of traditional SMS messaging is almost on the verge of extinction. But that’s really not true. In fact, if we look at the numbers, it is clear that SMS is still the king of all communication channels. Let’s […]

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