5 Reasons to Consider Enterprise Messaging for Your Business


According to a recent study by mobileinsurance.com, an average person spends 90 mins of the day on their phone.  Business productivity now a days depends heavily on effective mobile communication.  Fast mobile messaging has become extremely important for productivity.  Almost 70-80% of internal communication within an enterprise will be conducted through messaging apps on mobile devices in the years to come. Enterprise messaging covers the growing convergence of both physical and virtual communication sphere and offers limitless digitalization opportunities in almost all areas of communication.

Enterprises are getting bigger by the day and the market sphere is transforming to a more complex landscape. Geographical borders are getting blurred with ever growing possibility of communication.  Such a situation demands instant and versatile communication solution for businesses to thrive on.  Enterprise messaging ensures better connectivity, customer service, trouble shooting, productivity and so on.

There are many reasons for a business to consider enterprise messaging. Here are the top 5 reasons and their resulting benefits for businesses:

Enhanced problem-solving ability

Business managers need to take prompt action when needed.  Gone are the days, when we relied on email exchange and waited for reply.  It’s very helpful when the business team can be contacted promptly, in case of an emergency or on a regular basis, for taking necessary actions.  A tidy business environment requires not only the ability of the organization to contact the employee, but also vice versa.  As everybody now a days carries a computer in their pocket, with an enterprising messenger app, they can easily share any information or document.  Everyone can see this, and share their opinion and feedback throughout the team.

Adaptability and mobility

Enterprise instant messaging can be adapted for any type of business.  For some, enterprise instant messaging is mobile, which results in flexibility and mobility for the workers.  Nowadays, employees tend to do office work on the road, while traveling, in the middle of a meeting or from the home office. They can access the instant messaging system from their cellphones, office PC and even from a web page.  In case, a worker is not at the workplace for any reason, he can communicate and send data through the messenger to be in the communication loop all the time.

Spread of AI and VR

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality has been developing to a level, so as to be considered as a communication tool.  With recent development of deep learning and facial recognition, interaction with AI has become more useful than before for any business. Apart from gaming, VR is now being used for better user experience and immersive communication.  Many companies, including Google and Facebook, are looking forward to integrate AI and VR into their communication platform.  Chatbot can be a very useful and essential tool in enterprise messaging.  Along with already popular role playing in the B2C space, chatbots are entering the B2E and B2B scenarios as well.  There are lots of bot-building platforms in the market offering a whole lot of features, with each platform having its own set of unique capability.  Enterprise messaging can tailor itself according to the need of the business.


Digitalization is currently one of the major shifts in business landscape throughout the world.  It is basically the process of moving to a digital business. It means reshaping the business model with digital tools and trends, and moving towards a more digital business.  Interoperability and information transparency have become key components of today’s business.

Enterprise messaging enables this digitalization process for an organization.  It provides company the ability to connect & update employees in real-time, to quickly solve problems, take prompt decisions and instantly align production teams & the whole of the company.

Enterprise messaging app can receive real-time notifications and documents from third parties, for employees and teams. Thereby, enhancing and accelerating the workflow process, and ensuring timely and up-to-date information exchange.

Cyber Security

Security is a vital issue for business, and everybody involved in digitalization process.  The digitalization of business raises many security questions and data protection concerns.  Enterprising messaging apps can combine strong encryption.  The manager of the team can control the ability to see the message content for anyone or provide permission on what can be shared.  Enterprise messaging can protect confidential business information, data and intellectual property, and ensures cyber security required in this digital age.

Enterprise messaging system ensures organization agility, better teamwork, immersive communication, and better customer experience.  Today’s organizations are constantly in need of synchronization with the changing communication landscape.  Enterprise messaging fulfills this need and makes an organization’s overall functioning efficient.


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