Instant Messaging for Business – Future of Corporate Communication

Instant Messaging for Business- Future of Corporate Communication!

Let’s look at some future changing roadmap:  A recent tech survey report confirms that 67% of business people are using text messaging for business communications now days. In addition, 72% of business professionals prefer texting through messaging apps.

Can you draw the future of enterprise communication? There is a saying by famous leadership theorist John Adair, “Communication is the sister of leadership”. Communication plays a fundamental role in all facets of any enterprise. It is therefore, very important that both internal communication, within your organization, as well as the communication between all your employees are effective.

Previously, business communication was email based and it’s a practice from last 20 years. But, slow entrance of Instant Messaging is newly shaping the enterprise communication idea in the recent years. The evolution of Instant Messaging into the enterprise sphere changed the concept of communicating through own brand and assured the traceability of sensitive business communication within very short time.

A report reveals that nearly 70% of employees think their organization should use text messaging to communicate with employees. But surprisingly, enterprises don’t want their employees to use personal IM applications like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Skype. Rather, an ideal enterprise message prefers to have a corporate identity, an audit trail, and administrative control in their customized Enterprise Messaging App via any expert.

Do you know, why there is a transition from email towards enterprise messaging apps for internal communication of any enterprise like Healthcare Organizations, Legal & Advisory Firms, Financial & Banking Institutions, Travel & Hospitality Companies and more? Consider some real life facts:

Accelerate Enormous Team Productivity

In the world of mobility, the demand for an Instant Messaging solution is on the rise. Instant Messaging significantly reduces e-mail traffic and helps employees become more productive, as it calls for more immediate and direct response. Mobile enterprise messaging allows to directly address, drive and solve topics. The real-time and group messaging capabilities lead to faster response times and decision-making. As a result, the internal collaboration is improved, processes are accelerated, and the productivity is increased.

Employees can easily collaborate on various projects, they can instantly connect with key stakeholders, and share relevant documents. A recent survey discloses that 70% of U.S. consumers appreciate getting texts or emails from healthcare providers.

In addition,  instant responses like one-to-one  chats for faster decision making, group chats to quickly solve topics, team channels for immediate updates, and digital content sharing for better information exchange etc. are the best outcomes possible through enterprise messaging apps to increase the productivity of any business. So, what are the ultimate upshot of using Enterprise Messaging Solution?

  • Faster processes and workflows
  • Less hardcopy files, email overload
  • Reduced message handling time
  • Less time spent in meetings
  • Reduced travel expenses and time
  • Increased employee satisfaction and relationship
  • Less operational costs

Exceptional Features Helps Garnishing Employee Attachments

Popular free messaging apps are set with one-to-one chats, group chats, file sharing, calling etc. which is not enough for replacing the stack of files in an enterprise as well as traditional communication methods of any business. Because Enterprise Messaging App needs to hold a lot more ifs & buts in it.

Specialized Enterprise Messaging Apps are secure, have advanced directory search options, location tracking system by which upper tier employees can easily track the location of their subordinate. So, let’s check how some features of a customized Enterprise Messaging App can look as per your business need:

  • Ability of universal digital content sharing
  • Pre-defined team lists and channels
  • Access to the whole corporate directory on the go
  • Option to search for messages and content
  • Access and exchange documents from corporate file sharing solutions
  • Zero fear of losing data or leakage

Specialized Instant Messaging Apps Provide Better Security and Data Protection

IT security has become a core topic for businesses and advanced protection of corporate data is a must nowadays. 72% UK enterprises have banned the use of public instant messaging (IM) software due to security fears, discloses a recent survey published by ProcessOne!

Better enterprise messaging apps provide state-of-the-art technology and help businesses to tackle security concerns like very strong encryption during transport and at rest, robust protection of all user and corporate data, cloud and on premise locations at buyer’s option, guarantee of local data protection law, professional administration and control of the organization and its users, mobile security layers including EMM support, and everything else required for enterprise-wide security and compliance.

As a result, the majority of businesses will deploy new enterprise messaging apps in the next couple of years. Due to the increasing demand, business messaging will likely spin out of the unified communications category as an individual market. Enterprise messaging is a fast-growing field and will become a big market.

Employees can be more efficient in an aligned team and department

It takes 90 minutes for the average email to be opened, but just 90-180 seconds for the average text to be read. When messages are time sensitive, or questions require a quick answer, saving an hour and a half can be a huge boon for the company’s bottom line. Not convinced? A Deloitte study estimated that, efforts to help workers be more mobile generates an extra hour of productivity per employee, per day. Moreover, Enterprise mobile messaging apps allows employees to stay in sync on the go, so they can weigh in on important projects, update the team after customer meetings, and feel connected to their peers while traveling or working remotely. Imagine completely eliminating those moments of “catching up” at the start of a meeting.

So, let’s sum up the facts behind Email to Instant Messaging transformation in Enterprises again:

  • An average email response rate is 1hour 30 minutes where text takes on average 3 minutes to response!
  • Unlike Email or phone calls, instant messaging is free of overhead, more informal in context of subject lines, signatures or voice messages.
  • Instant Messaging Apps are secured, protected and simple to use. For example, we text like we talk. We use simple language, emoticons to convey feeling, and grammar can be imperfect.
  • Enterprise Instant Messaging App helps in increasing productivity, takes few seconds even in a crowded or loud space, it’s easy to multi-task.
  • With customized Enterprise Messaging App, it’s possible to get own branded app as per your business requirement.


Instant Messaging for Business

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