Which One You Should Choose White Label Messaging Apps or Custom Apps?

White Label Messaging Apps

What Are White Label Messaging Apps?

White Label Messaging Apps are those messaging apps that are developed by one company and used by another company under their own brand name. These applications are developed by a company and sold to another after making the requested changes or customisations of the buyer. The white-label apps are usually developed by an app development company. After the rebranding and customisations, the final product is released as the buyer company’s product.

Custom Apps are those apps that are designed for a specific user or group of users within an organization. These apps address specific needs within an organization as opposed to more traditional, standard software used by the masses. In other words, in custom app businesses can customize the whole development process like selecting each element of the mobile app as per your needs and the ongoing market trends.

The increase in the number of mobile phone users around the world has led to numerous companies coming forward to launch their own mobile app. The necessity to launch their apps despite having a limited budget made way for another business to emerge, that is, the White Label App Development.

Difference between a White Label Chat App and Custom Mobile App

3 Main differences between White Label Chat App and Custom Mobile App:


Cost is something that every company or businessmen take into consideration at the beginning of their venture. Similarly when there is a requirement for an app people usually look for the most cost-effective solution.

Custom Apps are built from scratch according to your directions including latest interactive User Interfaces, layouts and much more. Therefore the resulting product costs high.

White-label Chat Apps or any other white-label apps, on the other hand, are pre-made with a certain set of regular and most important features with room for customisation according to the buyer. And, therefore, as it is pre-built the cost is usually less than a custom app.

Services which deal in White-label apps also offer flexible payment options. You can choose any according to your budget.

App Development Time

In terms of time needed to build and launch the app, Custom Mobile Apps take more time than white-label apps. It is because Custom Apps are built from scratch. This, therefore, requires time for trial and testing.

On the other hand, white-label messaging apps are half ready awaiting the last finishing touches. When any business opts for a White label app, for example, a white-label chat app, the basic functionalities are already present. Thereafter changes or customisation are made as per the requirements of the buyer.

Hence, opting for a white-label app will help to keep your app launch on schedule.

Skillset and Maintenance

To own a White label app, businesses do not need an extra set of skilled personnel to install, run or manage that app. There is no requirement for any other app development once you receive your white label chat app. Any request for changes can be put up with the parent company, the ones who developed the app. This therefor leaves businesses with no room for worries.

In a custom app, a team of skilled app developers seem to be a constant requirement. Along with changes the developer’s team has to look after the app maintenance.

White Label Messaging Apps

What Are The Advantages Of White Labelling?

The advantages of White-labelling are as follows:

  • Increase Brand-Awareness: White-labelling helps to enhance brand visibility. For any business that wants to increase it’s brand awareness mobile application is an important way to achieve that. In this era of mobile users, the best way to reach and connect to people is through their phones. Therefore with your own branded mobile app, your business will be one step ahead in gaining that exposure.
  • Refined Final Product: Development framework: White-labelling uses a generic app framework for app designs. In other words, the white-label apps are designed using the design model of another app. Having a tried and tested framework, therefore, reduces any chances of error in the app development process. The white label messaging apps undergoing beta tests, revisions, troubleshooting and many other checks produce a refined product under your brand name.
  • Less App-Development Time & Cost: One of the most prominent advantages of white-labelling is time and cost. Time and cost are crucial to businesses who need to launch their app within a definite time frame and also have a limited budget. For these businesses, white-label mobile applications are the best option as they require less time to design and develop. This, therefore makes the app development timeline shorter thereby helping to meet project deadlines.
  • Wide Range of Customisation: White-labelling provides the option of customisation. It is through customisation that brands can make changes they need to give the app the desired outlook. The wide range of customisations offered by the app development company helps the business to get their desired changes.

Decide Which Suit to Your Business White Label or Custom App

Whether you need a Custom App or White label Messaging App, it depends on various factors. These are mainly based on your requirements, your budget, any specific feature or function you want to include and your knowledge in the mobile industry.

Businesses who have the resources to develop their apps can opt for a custom app. They can hire an app developing team full time and go through the process. The constant requirement of the team is because it does not end after the app development is complete. The app requires constant monitoring and changes or updates according to the situation and business requirements.

Keeping in mind the cost and time factor, it would be better for a small and medium-sized business to select the option of white-label apps. This is because the white label messaging apps would require less time and cost to develop and launch. It is also relatively risk-free as compared to the custom app as it is based on a tried and tested framework.

Also, any app-related issues will be addressed by the parent company the one who developed the app. This, in turn, eliminates the need for an app development team on the buyer company’s part. All these points come together and form a recipe for launching a successful branded mobile app.

How REVE Systems Develop White label Instant Messenger?  

The customized and white-label Mobile OTT Solution from Reve System allows communication service providers to build their own branded VoIP based mobile OTT app and launch the service on an existing network.

Here features like Instant Messaging (IM), media sharing and audio-video calling beside low-cost International Calls, Mobile Top Up and many more are present which can help to bring in traffic and also help in growing the existing user base.

With Reve Systems White-label Instant Messenger, customisation options are available in which service providers can change skin, language and other settings to suit their brand. Faster calling and messaging and quality performance over poor network conditions are its highlights. In addition to this, the customised app can also help to generate new revenue streams by incorporating many app monetization strategies.

To know more about App monetization check here:  How to Monetize Your OTT App For High Returns

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