How to Monetize Your OTT App For High Returns

Monetize your OTT App

The best strategy to sell any item effectively is to combine gifts with it. While the size of the gift is not relevant, what attracts people most is the idea of getting a free item with their regular purchase.

Numerous businesses are following this pattern now. In a similar manner, OTT is also becoming popular in the VoIP industry. People are not only looking for calling solution but also searching for other services as well.

Most people love messaging or texting, sharing photos, doing group conversations and so on. If you can bring all this facility in your voice calling solution then it will increase more user interaction.

All these features might be available for free or have a low cost but it will surely accelerate the growth of your business. To make your application popular you should look for such features in your app.

How can you Attract More Customers with Your OTT App

 To remain a step ahead, your business needs to put in something extra. And this is where the most desirable features come into play. Adding these important features to your voice calling application will not only make it more feature-rich and user favourite but also help to generate that additional revenue.

Therefore, the features of the Mobile OTT apps can be further categorized into 2 sections- Engagement and Revenue Maximization.

It is the Earning features which enable you to Monetize your OTT App.

Engagement Features

  • Auto Signup with GSM Number
  • Instant Messaging (IM)
  • Referral & Earnings
  • Free Audio/Video call
  • Audio/Video Conferencing

Revenue Maximization Features

  • Maximizing revenue from virtual Roaming
  • Attaining revenue from global Voice calling & SMS. The balance will be deducted from GSM Account or App Wallet
  • Personalized Ad targeting through the segmented user base
  • Enabling Operators to access competitors’ customer base by engaging them with your OTT apps and then send them different promotional content
  • Selling Personal DID Number to the end-user
  • Offering Mobile TOP UP/Money Transfer
  • Selling VAS service from OTT Application
  • Instead of Sending VAS content in SMS, Operator can send it through IM message to the end-user
  • It will save SMS cost but will earn from VAS Service
  • As IM supports rich content hence the content can be sent multiple times

Describing Some Highlighting Features

Instant Messaging (IM)

Instant messaging is the most attractive feature for people. This might not generate any revenue for you but it will bring customer to start using your solution. This is just like a gift with some paid service.

Mobile Top-up (MTU)

With voice calling facility if you have a mobile top-up facility this attracts users most. Also if you can introduce data pack service from your app this makes your app more popular.

Video Calling and Conferencing

Video calling is getting more popular now. People love to see each other while they are talking. Also, conferencing is popular for friends and business persons. Therefore, this also one of the appealing factors to the user.

Roaming Facility

Roaming facility at a low price is very popular to people who travel a lot. This includes business people as well who have to travel a lot and do not want to change their number during their travel. This will help you to Monetize your OTT App and you can generate revenue as well from this service.

Package Registration and Sharing

Instead of varying rate for different destination, people are getting more interested in different packages. That is why operators are also introducing different types of packages.

Users can freely choose the package based on their usage policy. Also, package sharing is getting popular nowadays. People love to share their purchased package with their near and dear ones.

Online Payment and Balance Transfer

Having an online payment facility is the most important feature in your application. Present-day users are more comfortable with online recharges. They use credit cards and various other online payment solutions to make the payments.

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