Enterprise Instant Messaging Speeds up Business Productivity


In 2011, a group of researchers stated through a research that 54% of Chief Information Officers affirmed the positive sides of real-time workplace communication through Enterprise Instant Messaging Solution. That time it was just scholar’s prediction on future enterprise communication, without any clue to its future mayhem. That prediction has emerged as a wild truth; when in late 2013, the market research firm, The Radicati Group estimated that out of the 3 billion worldwide Instant Messaging user accounts, 379 million were being used for work! This 379 million is expected to swell up to 449 million within next 4 years, by 2017! And, the worldwide enterprise chat and messaging market will reach $1.9 billion by 2019. Can you imagine the transmission? But, did you ever think why this sudden rise in growth?

Just think about the communication between the manager & the team members, isn’t it a vital factor within every company? That’s why it is said, ‘success cannot be achieved when there is no communication’. And, Enterprise Instant Messaging Solution apps are enlightening that success way, by creating quite a cloud in between the organizations.

Do you recall the business communication in the past? The flashback reminds us of a picture of “waiting for reply” through Email, Fax or Phone. A study conducted by the Ohio State University and University of California, Irvine, reveals that employees who used Enterprise Instant Messaging Solution on the job reported less interruption than colleagues who did not! So in today’s work environment, Instant Messaging Solution is a total game changer for productivity increase.

Infact, several classes of Enterprise Instant Messaging Solution, for business communication, has already emerged which is accelerating enterprise productivity. According to a recent press release of January 2017, the enterprise messaging market size is estimated to grow from USD 26.68 Billion in 2016 to USD 49.51 Billion by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.2%!

Technology giants have either launched or polished their business messaging services including Microsoft Corp.’s Yammer, Jabber by Cisco Systems, and Hangouts. Infact, a deck of new comers such as Slack, HeyWire, Convo & TeleMessage have also entered the market. These applications offer secure text messaging while offering the ease of use, functionality and collaborative tools much alike standard consumer apps.

On the other hand, the work culture is changing. Today’s workforce is more remote based. Mobile devices and tech connectivity mean workers are always connected and flexible time has become a norm. The number and sophistication of business communication applications continue to grow. Fax, Email, and other old connective tissues of business communications, has failed in its critical mission as workers become overwhelmed with the new Enterprise Instant Messaging Solution and its instant responsiveness.

Moreover, the main aim of every business is to assure productivity and growth. According to McKinsey estimation, the global management consulting firm, Enterprise Messaging Solution has already raised the productivity by 20-25% by just improving time management, secure communication, speed of work, connectivity, and user convenience. Let’s have a more detail look at how Enterprise Instant Messaging Solution speeds up productivity.

Time Management

Good time management marks a thin line between an ordinary and a successful organization. Time management provides immense benefits as it acts as a conjunction for a more refined workplace with satisfied workers. Enterprise Instant Messaging Solution is a variable by which time can be managed easily and business productivity can be assured.


Enterprise Instant Messaging Solution allows employees to have conversations at the click of a button, without opening emails or waiting for responses. IM also enables employees in different locations to have real-time conversations, thus resolving issues more quickly.


Many Enterprise Instant Messaging Solutions allows customization with a host of features like IM, microblogging, forums, and document collaboration and management. This eliminates the need to switch between separate programs to communicate. Not only does this have the potential to improve efficiency, but it can increase collaboration on projects and reduce the need for meetings.

Availability in Multiple Device

The days when employees performed their jobs on a single device are long gone. Instead, workers seamlessly transition between desktops, smartphones, tablets and other devices. The best enterprise text messaging service providers offer multi-device support features, that enables anytime, anywhere access from a device of the user’s choosing.

Secure communication

72% UK enterprises have banned the use of public instant messaging (IM) software due to security fears, discloses a recent survey published on Enterprise Instant Messaging Solution. Can you think a little more? It’s important to cover the whole enterprise communication system under the security veil. Otherwise, entrepreneurs may count a big loss. So, an enterprise messaging app is the prime most need of this era, designed with the same ease-of-use as consumer based apps with best-in-class security that ensures secured employee communication. Employees can send a message with encryption, the ability to put an expiration date on the message keeps conversations secure and controlled while ensuring no data ever remains on the device or servers. With an enterprise messaging app, users can also expire & shed messages on demand when necessary.



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