How White Label SIP Softphone Can Give Your Business a Competitive Edge?

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According to a survey report, “99% of enterprise IT professionals consider mobility as a priority.” At present new terms like BYOD (Bring Your Device), Mobile VoIP, and Unified Communication have become viral in the virtualized business world and the main aim is to ensure mobility. The modern Business world is moving from traditional phone systems (PBX) to virtual softphones. According to Report Linker, The Global Mobile VoIP Market size is expected to reach $165.3 billion by 2028, rising at a market growth of 19.5% CAGR between the forecast period 2022-2028.”

What is a White Label SIP Softphone?

SIP Softphones are VoIP software that helps the user to make or receive calls, after installation in mobile or PC through IP network. Softphones provide an easy and cost-effective way of exchanging voice and video over an IP network. Besides this, White Label and customization simply mean “keeping it private”.

The practice of white labeling and customizing VoIP Softphone is consequently on the rise as it allows ITSPs to serve directly through “Own Branded” products to the customers. These innovations that white label and tailored softphones are bringing into the VoIP business environment are making the ITSPs business scenario more and more promising. White Labeling allows ITSPs to maintain total control of their brand, from designing to managing its use.

Benefits of White Label SIP Softphone

benefits- white label sip softphoneIt is always better if you control your ITSP business through your own branded and customized SIP Softphone because it helps in creating your own identity in the market, saves time & money, enhances customer loyalty, and last but not least, helps in making your brand more visible in the market. Below mentioned is a detailed guide to help you understand how white-labeling SIP Softphone can boost your VoIP business.

Creating Your Own Identity in the Market

Setting up an ironclad brand image of the business in the market is a prime concern for every new or existing VoIP entrepreneur. Through white label and customization facilities, ITSPs can easily set up their brand while maintaining their business needs. Here’s How?

Well, most of ITSPs lend the softphone from third-party companies. So, customers may get confused and face inconsistent experiences. You can easily combat this problem through a white label and customization solution from any well-known solution provider. This way it serves up two benefits:

  • Firstly, you are getting professional help to build your customized SIP Softphone with your brand name.
  • Secondly, you are getting a premium quality product with unique branding without any hassle.

 Tailored Product As Per Business Need

Move past the days, when you were lending a third-party SIP Softphone for your VoIP business and coping with features that you don’t want/need in your SIP Softphone. Your VoIP business may need certain features/ special configurations that you are missing in a third-party app. For example, if you wish, your customized SIP Softphone may allow your customer to view balance/outcall rates in multi-currency which will cater to customers worldwide.

Interestingly, with a tailor-made SIP Softphone, you can feel a strong attachment to your brand and design. An SIP Softphone with desired logo, interface design, color, feature, icon as well as font size according to your preferences and business needs, makes your company more unique and helps boost your VoIP business. White label and customized SIP Softphone can also give tough competition to popular third-party apps like WhatsApp and Skype!

More Visibility in the Market

Being a service provider, have you ever fancied marketing a SIP Softphone in your brand name? It isn’t an untouched dream these days! You can easily build your own branded SIP Softphone through white label and customization options and it will add value to your business. Unique branding will introduce “your brand” in the market. Moreover, when your target customers will get a Softphone with all the features from their wish lists, they will automatically mark up your SIP Softphone brand in the highest position.

Improved Customer Loyalty and Retention

A white-label SIP softphone helps in improving customer loyalty and retention by contributing in several ways including brand consistency and seamless user experience. Service providers can align the softphone application with their brand’s image thus reinforcing the presence of the business. Also, offering customized features and seamless interaction with other communication platforms used by the provider ensures a smooth user experience. 

Cost and Time Effective

According to Opinion Matters Researchers, Only 6% of enterprises have all the mobile developer talent they need! Interesting! But this is a real scenario since developing a white-label SIP softphone, from scratch requires huge financial & human capital resources, apart from an unimaginable timeline. The time it takes for researching, designing, developing, and testing any new White Label SIP Softphone solution by yourself, you may lag on other business goals.

On the other hand, if you get a ready-made White Label SIP Softphone from any expert solution provider you can concentrate more on planning, marketing & business boosting methods for the softphone. So, when time is money, and being speedy is the main concern, investing to get a professional solution may be more cost and time effective in the end.

Enhanced Functionality and User Experience

Customization and branding are the number one reason behind white-label SIP softphone offering enhanced functionality and user experience. The ability to customize and brand a VoIP solution in accordance with the needs of a particular business can offer customers a more personalized experience. Besides this, SIP softphones are extremely feature-rich that pave the way to enhanced user experience.

How Does White Label SIP Softphones Works?

Softphone working

By now, it is clear that a white-label SIP softphone is a software-based phone application that carries the brand name of the business using it instead of the company that developed it. Now, let’s understand the working of a SIP softphone. 

A SIP Softphone makes use of SIP i.e. Session Initiation Protocol to enable calling over the internet. When a user opens a SIP softphone app on a device such as a mobile phone, it first connects with a SIP server to establish a connection to begin the communication. The above image depicts the working of a softphone.

Use Cases of White Label SIP Softphones

Call Centers and Customer Support

In a study by Software Advice, 72% of respondents ranked softphones higher due to its seamless use for remote working.

Call Center and customer support service is all about interacting and assisting with customers. SIP softphones play a very crucial role in such environments by offering collaboration tools, analytics, integration capabilities, and much more. Moreover, modern-day call center agents need remote communication tools so that they can work from anywhere and a SIP softphone lets them work remotely with just an internet-enabled device. With this, the need for agents to work in location-bound physical offices gets eliminated. 

SIP softphones offer a wide range of useful features such as call recording which are very useful for call center agents as they can record their interactions with the customers and access these recordings later. This can help in better understanding customer needs and preferences, improving work performance, etc.

Service Providers and Telecom Companies

SIP Softphones offer several advantages over the old telephony method and offer various benefits to VoIP Service providers and telecom companies. These softphones help service providers in offering a versatile communication experience to their customers. Be it a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet, customers can make and receive calls using different types of devices using a softphone application thus allowing more flexibility and mobility. Telecom companies and service providers can offer a branded solution to their customers without making any huge investment, and still be able to stand out in the market. 

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) in a report stated that prices for VoIP can be expected to decline by between 3% and 5% annually.

Businesses can save $ 1,727 per month on mobile and long-distance calls using softphones.

Developing any product in-house would certainly demand huge financial investment along with time ad effort. Small and medium-sized businesses have limited budgets within which they want to get the best value for their money. So opting for a white-label SIP softphone not only saves money but also provides them with the assistance of a service provider for any issues that may arise. 

Remote Work and Virtual Teams

Gartner predicts that by 2024, in-person meetings will account for just 25% of enterprise meetings, a drop from 60% prior to the pandemic, driven by remote work and changing workforce demographics.

Remote work has been on a continuous rise since the Covid-19 Pandemic happened. White-labeled SIP softphones allow remote teams to connect using various communication and collaboration features such as voice and video calling and media sharing. All this happens so seamlessly as if the members of the team are working in the same physical location thus fostering productivity and effective collaboration between the virtual team members. 

How to Choose the Right White Label SIP Softphone Provider?

White label SIP softphone

Customization Options

A rule of thumb when buying any software is to always look for the required advanced features and never pay for the features you don’t need. So it is always a good idea to ask for customization options so that you have the desired product in hand. In the case of a SIP Softphone, you can ask for a customization facility to add features like voice & video calls, File Transfer, Location Tracking, Referral Credit, and many more. 

Reliability and Scalability

There are many companies in the market offering SIP softphones however to expect a reliable solution and avoid facing any issues at a later stage, you should always choose a well-established and trusted brand. Even if that means paying a few extra dollars. You must also consider the scalability factor as with your growing business, you may need to increase or upgrade. 

Integration Capabilities

A softphone solution that can integrate with other key business communications systems, such as the CRM system, can be very helpful in streamlining business operations and increasing overall productivity. So consider a SIP Softphone provider that offers an integration facility with other business tools and platforms that you use or may use. 


Security plays a critical role in business communication. It is therefore vital to choose a SIP softphone provider that implements industry-standard security techniques such as end-to-end encryption. You can also check their compliance with HIPPA or GDPR standards if required. 

Technical Support

Once the softphone app goes live, you may encounter one more issue that needs to be addressed. This is where a provider that offers timely and reliable support services can prove to be quite useful. Check for the availability of omnichannel support so that you can easily connect with them through the most easily accessible communication channel. 

Customer Satisfaction is the Prime Goal

Customer satisfaction is the end goal of any business. You must design your tailor-made SIP Softphone keeping your customers in mind, it must be flexible as well as something better than your competitors. Since you’ll give preference to customers’ needs & choices, they will automatically build a sense of attachment to your white-label SIP softphone.

White label Softphone app offers flexibility, and reliability to some very key concerns. But the aim is to find yourself the best solution that fits your customer’s needs. You need to choose the right White Label Softphone provider. So, let’s check with a quick review on how White Label SIP Softphone can boost your business:

  • Own Branded SIP Softphone
  • Customized User Interface increases the attachment with the SIP Softphone
  • Create your own brand impression
  • Special configurations and features in the app as per business need
  • Add value to the business
  • Create a powerful and unique image of the company among the customers and the competitors
  • Generate more revenue by boosting sales


White Label SIP Softphone Solution

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