Features to Look for While Buying a Class 4 Softswitch


According to Grand View Research, the global mobile VoIP market size is expected to reach USD 145.76 billion by 2024.  The expansion of this market is driven by technological leap and increased usage of the new services over various channels.  Robust growth in the VoIP market depicts the importance and demand for VOIP business solutions.

Softswitch is one of the key components for a wholesale VoIP business.  Basically, it’s server-side software that enables you to connect one phone line to another through the internet.  To put it more simply, it’s a software that makes IP to IP calls.  A server needs to be deployed for softswitch functionality.  Choosing the best softswitch is necessary for optimum business performance.  You should consider the following features while buying the best class 4 softswitch.

Billing Management

Choose a softswitch with an integrated billing system. Separated VoIP billing systems might get you in trouble like compatibility issues and lack of functionality.  An integrated billing feature will give you precise control over the business.  Keep in mind that unbilled call minutes bring significant loss to your VoIP business and should be prevented by any means.  The billing system also should be scalable, automatic and multi-currency enabled.  Check out for features like automatic invoice generation, report generation ability, call statistics or diagram.  These enable you to monitor and control your service better.


How good is the routing function?  To ensure a cost-saving routing it is necessary to buy routes from termination providers throughout the world.  Having a wider range of routes ensures smooth business operation with maximum profit.  Look for Least-Cost Routing (LCR) function in the switch.  LCR enables a softswitch to determine which outbound line will be least expensive.  Percentage routing is another important feature you should look for.  It allows a softswitch to transmit the call through a route that has a maximum percentage and if not available, choose the next maximum percentage.  Longest Prefix Match feature matches the incoming call’s prefix with the prefix assigned to each route and selects the route with which the call has a maximum match.  An automatic blockage of unprofitable calls is another feature you don’t want to miss out.  

Secured Switching Function

Class 4 softswitch should be a stable and secure system ensuring efficient data (Voice and SMS) transmission.   In order to obtain better security, the switch should have VPN support and Network Topology Hiding.  Using VPN means the client has to go through the VPN server (VPN is the middleman here) and encrypt/decrypt data before channeling it to the softswitch.  Make sure that the VPN server and the softswitch server is the same data center.  This will avoid latency and poor voice quality.  Topology hiding is a feature that assures enhanced SIP network security.  Normally critical IP address data is sent to other networks in regular SIP traffic.  Topology hiding prevents third party threats from stealing this data and attacking your SIP network.

Sales and Analysis Report

The ability to generate on demand report, Inbound/Outbound/Unauthorized call report, traffic volume tracking and revenue report help you to keep track of your business performance and accelerate business development. Having all the numbers figured out gives you the leverage to measure your business parameters and take the right business decision.  Also look for Payment and Sales report, data export in XML and CSV format. 

Flexibility and Compatibility

Check out protocols and codecs compatibility before you buy your softswitch.  Make sure your supplier and clients are using codecs that are supported by your softswtich.  If your switch has transcoding option then protocols and codecs can be converted in the desired format.  A dual-layer firewall should also be considered.  A regular update is necessary to keep you ahead in the market.  Check whether your solution provider will support you with updates and upgrades, and provide on-demand troubleshooting anytime you need.

Lastly, avoid buying your softswitch based on only CC (concurrent calls) and CPS (calls per second) value.  For example, while buying a house someone does not just look for a bigger space, right?  Apart from spacing, there are other features to look for in a house.  Same goes in case of a softswitch.  CC and CPS is important but also look for features, functionality, integration and customization options.   Before you buy yours, make a checklist of the features you are looking for in your softswitch that serves your business best.  Choosing the best VoIP Softswitch will ensure maximum profit and seamless business experience for you and your clients.

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