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New study from Juniper Research has found that OTT (Over the Top) voice providers are expected to see an increase in their service revenues by 2020, reaching over $10 billion, representing a fivefold increase over the next 5 years.  As rightly said by Malcolm Gladwell, journalist, author & speaker, “Achievement is talent plus preparation”. What are the innovative strategies current mobile OTT providers must implement; to achieve their expected revenue goals?

Honestly speaking, customers now a days are very much used to with common Mobile OTT features like audio and video calls, fast instant messaging with real time typing experience, and secure file transfer. Interestingly, humans are the best testers for new inventions & loves to follow the latest trends. So, as a VOIP service provider, you always need to plan beforehand the future surprises for your customers, to always position yourself at the top in the long run! You need to think two steps ahead than the current trend.

For example, before being acquired by Facebook in 2014, Whatsapp only had instant messaging features. But after understanding the demand of calling features, on April 2016, Whatsapp launched audio & video calling features, to compete with the current market. Though “calling” features were nothing new in 2016, but following the trend, can you guess how many people grabbed the new calling features of Whatsapp? A report declares that WhatsApp users are now making more than 100 million voice calls every single day, over 1,100 calls per second. Even after being 12 years younger than popular Skype call, Whatsapp call has beaten the number of calls & subscribers!

Mobile OTT- Best Common Features?

So, what exactly is an OTT app? OTT refers to “over-the-top” apps and services, such as Whatapp, Viber, Voxox, which allow you to stay in touch via text and phone at lower rates than typically offered by your cellular provider.

To show you just how awesome OTT apps are at saving you money, check out these 5 ways you can lower your cell bill with a Mobile OTT communications app…

1. Save on Basic Texting

Don’t have an unlimited texting plan on your phone? Don’t worry because with most OTT apps you can send texts for super cheap or free. Plus, many OTT apps have fun features like text translation to make staying in touch easy, no matter who you want to chat with!

2. Expensive MMS to Free Multimedia Texting

Texting multi-media can be costly with certain texting plans, but using a Mobile OTT communications app can help. Instead of tapping out your texting plan, try out an OTT app and share all your latest pics and videos for free.

3. Call Cost Cutting

Call your friends and family, from anywhere in the world, for free or at really low rates. Mobile OTT apps also put tons of cool calling features at your fingertips – call forwarding, voicemail transcription, conference calls, and a few more you’ll really love.

4. Secure File Sharing

OTT is blooming to enterprises and business organizations eradicating hard copy files from the employers table. Because file transferring is really safe through OTT apps and in some cases the communication app providers offer on premise based OTT app server solution to ensure maximum security.

5. Single Phone Number

If you need two phone numbers, say one for personal and one for business use – no need to pay for two mobiles! You can use an OTT communications service to get a free phone number and route it to your mobile. Not only will this save you money, but you’ll also have the added benefit of just keeping track of one device.

What’s new in Future Mobile OTT features?

If you’re already a Mobile OTT communications app fanatic and just want more interesting features in OTT apps other than the common features, you must need to check out some exciting upcoming or recent features mentioned below:

Future Message

Future Message option will permit the user to schedule any pre-typed messages or wishes such as fixing competition, efficiency operational activity & birthday wish by selecting the date. In fact, sender can make or change the date of creating the message as a bonus. This feature will save the Mobile OTT user from missing out on sending any important wish or work on time. For example like an app names “Textra SMS” launched this option already and it’s been taken really well by the users, with 4.5 rating at this moment in the google play store.

Hide Chats

Beforehand smartphone had the option on SMS to put barrier on the third-party view. But now OTT apps are offering these services as well. Last year, Viber has already debut this “Secret Chat” feature and users are really happy with it. This hidden chat option is generally very much beneficial for enterprise clients as they can easily hide highly sensitive messages from any third-party view. So far, this hidden chat can be locked/unlocked in three ways-

a) Password

b) Finger Print

c) Shake

Sticker connection API

Use of emoticons, gif, cartoons in the chat is quite a trend now a days. There are creative designers who are working really hard, day & night in the background, for creating these emoticons, but lags the deserving credit. Sticker Connection on API is one such opportunity for those creative folks to directly sell their hard-done work with royalty through Mobile OTT APP.

Burn Message with Visualization

OTT apps are popular for creating a real feeling thus limiting the distance of both the app user’s while they chat away with each other. Have you ever used Skype message removing feature? If yes, then you realize the pleasure of removing unwanted or wrong messaging while messaging.  But the pleasure doubles up, when you can see those unwanted messages getting burned from your app. For example, let’s say, you have sent a message to your line manager. Now, if you have typed any wrong/ unusual information it may harm your job. So, in that circumstances, the feature “Burn Message” will save you by removing the message and you will get mental peace watching that message burn.

Multiple Language

Many chat apps support different language keyboard. For example, WhatsApp supports multilingual keyboards which helps native speakers to stay connected through Mobile OTT apps in more relaxing way.

Message Searching

Can you find an important message which was sent an year ago to your friend? A “message searching” option let your clients find those year back messages from the server. This feature will save your client’s time and enrich experience of communicating through an OTT app.

File Compression

Are you facing trouble in sending large sized files in jpg, docs or ppt format? At the moment, you need to manually compress the files and then send it through the apps, right? But what if, you needn’t do a thing and Mobile OTT app does all the job for you. Believe it or not, “File Compression” feature will let your clients compress the files through the app!

So, these exciting features are going to be the new hype of OTT life and will really relax the user’s life in great way. New challenges are always in the head of OTT, but Mobile OTT players knows how to overcome them. Telco Operators are now moving to Mobile OTT business and according to a report, almost 16% of operators believe they will generate incremental revenue from OTT services. So, these new moves, plans or strategies are much needed to keep the Mobile OTT on the top. You may check the below infographic to have a better understanding about the updated OTT features.

Mobile OTT Features infographics

Mobile OTT Solution



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