Convert SMS Http API into SMPP – Overcoming the Challenges

Convert SMS http API to SMPP

The Application Program Interface and Short Message Peer-to-Peer are two common ways of sending SMS. HTTP API is popular way and scalable for enterprises  that wants to send between 50 and 100 messages at one go. On the other hand, this SMPP is suitable for large enterprises that has a large volume of bulk SMS requirements. This can be 5-10 million SMS per month.

If you consider simplicity, HTTP API is capable of supporting various types of coding language due to which this SMS API can integrate with your applications and software. On the other hand, SMPP is quite a complicated module, which requires operational expertise.

While sending messages from software applications, users often face difficulty with their HTTP SMS gateway API provider. The limitation exists of some desktop applications to add multiple SMS gateway into the configuration of SMS gateway URL.  This often results in service providers compromising their services.

SMPP gateway is the best option for quicker SMS delivery. Messages sent over SMPP are directed to and from the wireless service provider through a secure private network. The main advantage of the SMPP protocol is its capability to execute the response driven SMS which means mobile phone subscribers can respond to those messages. Among other functionalities, the SMPP protocol facilitates service providers to schedule the message delivery date & time.

However, there are certain limitations of using SMPP as many desktop applications are not capable of supporting SMPP.

Converting HTTP to SMPP by REVE SMS Platform

In order to convert HTTP to SMPP, you need a reliable solution, which acts as a channel between your desktop application and external SMS gateway. REVE SMS gateway is an ideal solution that fetches the SMS in HTTP and converts it into SMPP. You do not need to do any addition to your existing infrastructure for the process.  Some of the feature highlights include:

  • Excellent redundancy with different gateways
  • Load balance traffic while multiple gateways are used.
  • Quicker submission of SMS over SMPP
  • Easy failover gateway switching
  • Flexibility of routing based on Sender ID/Destination
  • Easy report access and download in multiple formats
  • Web portal for seamless management of gateways

These are some of the useful features of the REVE SMS Platform. You can have complete information on the feature list from here.

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