5 Awesome Marketing Benefits of A2P Messaging

benefits of A2P Messaging

With more and more people relying on mobile phones to function in their daily lives, it has become imperative for businesses to create mobile-first marketing strategies. Amidst all the tools that help businesses in fast and convenient communication with customers, A2P messaging appears to be a popular and useful choice. This is because as per the experts, the A2P market will be almost USD 60.55 billion by the year 2025.

Here’s a sneak peek of the current A2P Market:

  • The A2P market is estimated to witness remarkable growth attributed to the increased use of SMS messages among enterprises as A2P messaging is cost-effective and has universal reach.
  • The growing popularity of A2P messaging in several verticals such as BFSI, healthcare, retail & ecommerce, among others, are contributing positively to the growth of the industry for A2P messaging.
  • The A2P SMS market can be divided into the following categories: promotional campaigns, inquiry related services, pushed content services, interactive services and customer relationship management (CRM) services.
  • The global A2P SMS Sales generated in the year 2021 and its predicted value by 2030 is as shown below:

A2P Market

  • The open rates for SMS are as high as 98% while the response rates exceed 40%. Also, 95% of all SMS messages are opened and read within 3 minutes. Studies have also revealed that, on average, the response time for SMS is less than 90 seconds, while for email it is 90 minutes.
  • The “Global A2P SMS Market” is mainly divided into three segments, i.e. based on End-user, End User and Geographical analysis.

Top 5 Marketing Benefits of A2P  Messaging

Let’s take a look at the most convincing marketing benefits of A2P messaging:

Cost-effective Tool

Investing wisely in marketing projects can be really difficult. While choosing the most result-oriented marketing tools, you also have to consider the cost of these tools. Various marketing channels such as social media platforms with their ever-changing rules and prices does not make a stable choice. In such a scenario, it seems better to use an A2P SMS service as you get a tool with proven rate of success at a reasonable cost.

Automates SMS Marketing

With the help of an A2P Messaging Platform, a business does not need to send SMS messages to each and every client separately. Rather, one can simply use an A2P SMS Platform to enter the SMS content, upload the list of mobile phone numbers of clients and hit the send button to send the message in one go. One can also schedule the campaigns by selecting suitable date and time for sending the campaigns automatically.

Fast and Efficient Tool

There is no denying the fact that messages in social media channels and email inboxes can easily go unnoticed for days and even weeks. But it is hard for most of us to ignore an SMS that has just landed on our mobile phone’s SMS inbox. Also, push notifications make it easier for businesses to reach devices over IP. Receiving notifications or alerts carries higher chances of the receiver reading and replying to them. Moreover, compared to emails, SMS messages are more concise and meaningful, which leads to faster communication.

Secure Environment

A2P SMS Platforms deploy role based access control with features like 2 Factor Authentication for login. Along with this, network security features like topology hiding, SSL support and blacklisting and whitelisting for IP login offer comprehensive protection against growing exploits and malware attacks. An A2P SMS Platform with SMS Firewall further helps in blocking as well as monetizing the SMS traffic to ensure prevention of malware attacks.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

A2P SMS Solutions are integrated with intelligent analytics and reporting capabilities. These tools empower businesses with detailed, crystal-clear and meaningful insights of the SMS campaigns. One can compare the reports of campaigns with similar goals to figure out areas of improvement. Such a view of the data helps businesses to understand their customers’ behavior and strategize their marketing campaigns accordingly.

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