How Advanced Routing Maximizes Profit For VoIP Wholesale Business?


Nowadays, in Wholesale VoIP business, advanced routing management is one of the most integral modules to gain maximum profit. In addition to this, it also helps to get a good quality route to terminate the traffic. Advanced route management feature plays a great role in generating the routing table as per the configured route request.

The key features of advanced routing management include Priority-based routing, LCR (Least Cost Routing), LLR (Loss-less Routing), Percentage-based routing, Quality-based routing, Schedule based routing, QoS based routing, Capacity aware routing, Specific prefix-based routing and many more.

Different Types of Routing in the VoIP Business

Priority-Based Routing

Priority-based routing generates the routing table as per your pre-defined configuration. Here you can set the highest priority on your maximize profitable route. This will enable you to get it first in the routing table.

Least Cost Routing

Least Cost Routing or LCR is the process of selecting the route of outbound traffic based on cost. LCR is a pricing strategy. It helps to select the lowest cost carrier when connecting a call.

Loss-less Routing

LLR or Loss-less Routing ensure you that you will not face loss for any call. In this strategy, if origination client rate is lower compared to any route/carrier then that route will not be added in the route that connects that call. So there are no possibilities to lose.

Percentage-Based Routing

In percentage based routing management you will able to share your traffic among a set of routes for a specific destination. So here you have an opportunity to maximize your profit by sending a high volume of traffic to your maximum profitable route.

Quality-based Routing

Quality based routing is another important routing mode. In this method, the route is selected based on the best performance from history. The quality of a route derived on several parameters like Average Success Rate (ASR), Average Call Duration (ACD), Post Dial Delay (PDD).

Schedule Based Routing

Scheduled based routing is an important mode of advanced routing management. It allows you to customize your routing rules to manage and route your incoming call anywhere anytime. Generally, some route providers give you different call rate in peak and off-peak hour. In this case, to gain maximum profit, you can use this feature. 

Quality of Service (QoS)

The QoS setting helps you to prevent unwanted noises and increases quality. The QoS setting of the route ensures that it will not have any impact on the performance. It helps you to identify if any route is down for a specific time or ASR, ACD or PDD is not acceptable or unusual.

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