iTel Switch

iTel Switch is one of the most popular and market leader softswitch brands for the global retail and wholesale platform. The softswitch with its integrated billing software provides an ideal platform for all the VoIP service providers who want to provide services to retail consumers. iTel Switch has been designed to meet the highest needs of carriers with multiple termination routes and has enough versatility to be used for traffic origination across calling card, call shop, IP devices, PC softphones (also called PC2Phone), DID's and mobile VoIP applications.

Key Features of

iTel Switch

Advanced routing

iTel Switch supports various routing systems including Priority Base Routing, Loss Less Routing, Time Base Routing, Percentage Base Routing, Quality Base Routing, Quality Base LCR Routing, Least Cost Routing, Port Capacity Base Routing, Error Code Base Routing, Translation Base Routing and many more.
Quickest call connectivity

iTel Switch is the fastest class 4 softswitch, class 5 softswitch in the world that allows instant connectivity on VoIP calls. This helps you offer better call quality to your end users, which can potentially increase your calling minutes.
Single PIN for all call origination devices

iTel Switch allows you to use a single PIN for all call origination devices. You can use the same PIN for recharge, mobile top-up or even for voice calls.
Never Go Negative (NGN)

NGN is a next generation billing feature that intelligently prevents user account balance from going negative. This feature of this SIP softswitch is specially developed in order to prevent the losses incurred by many resellers.
Behavior Based Alarm System

iTel Switch conveys behavior based alarm to admin in case of any emergency situation occurred by server based, security based, performance based, and revenue based issues.
Organized monitoring facility

iTel Switch with its integrated billing software is designed from an administrator's point of view. iTel Switch has the radical monitoring facilities which helps the administrator to take any decision.
Protocol Conversion

It's time to say goodbye to single protocol supported switch. iTel switch has the provision to translate SIP to H323 protocol and H323 to SIP.
PIN to PIN calling and balance transfer facility

iTel Switch allows service providers to handle PIN-to-PIN incoming calls and also facilitates peer-to-peer calling among resellers. iTel Switch makes it possible for end users to transfer balances from their account to others under the same reseller.
Commission Based Reseller or Agent Module

iTel Switch now comes with commission based reseller module, which allows service providers to appoint commission based agents under him. These agents can create new PINs on behalf of the admin and recharge the same.
Online Payment Gateway

iTel Switch supports multiple payment options. End users, originating carriers & resellers can pay to the service providers via VISA, Master, and American Express Cards. Not only Admin but also resellers can configure their own payment gateway from their panel and can also receive payment from their own clients. PayPal,, eProcessing, CASHU & Payment Wall are some of the gateways accepted.
Proxy and Non Proxy Mode configuration for IP client

iTel Switch provides client wise Termination IP hiding facility. So that System can reduce Server Bandwidth and load as well.
IP Firewall Management (White / Black Listing)

Admin can create White List or Black List of IPs to restrict and control who can send calls through the system.
Multi layered Security

iTel Switch is powered with two levels of protection- primary and secondary. The primary protection is an IP and Password based authentication. On the other hand the secondary layer protection is the use of the iTel Security Device. It is an electronic device, which generates a One Time Password (OTP) or security code, required to be entered, at the time of logging in to iTel Switch.
CLI and Non-CLI Route Checker

CLI and Non-CLI checker is a unique feature in iTel Switch. Using this option user will be able to check their route whether they are CLI or Non-CLI.
Create 'N' level of resellers

Generally, most of the softswitch allow two or three levels of reseller's creation. iTel Switch on the other hand gives you the flexibility to create 'N' level of VoIP reseller at any level.
Call Simulator

The Call Simulator feature allows service provider or admin to test those PINs with the available routes. Service provider can also test live calls to generate test report of the route quality and can send those reports to the respective carriers. The feature also allows admin to check the sequence of the available routes. Admin is also notified whether the call will pass or not with the available route list.
Supports IVR in multiple languages

iTel Switch supports IVR (Interactive Voice Response) in multiple languages such as English, Bengali, French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic etc.
Advanced client and rate plan management

By using this module, users will enjoy in making different retailer and wholesaler and also assign them different originating and terminating rate plan.
Can trace all billing activities

iTel Switch is superior than any other softswitch because our system can trace all billing activities. It helps to track the changed, updated, and deleted information by any other existing user.
Supports international Mobile Top Up

Being a service provider, now you can recharge any mobile number from any location using the same PIN which you use for other call origination devices (PC to Phone, Mobile Dialer etc.).
Runs behind NAT or on private IP

In association with iTel Byte Saver (REVE's proprietary technology), iTel Switch can work behind NAT (Network Address Translation) or on private IP. So VoIP service providers now can make sure that their service is available in blocked or firewalled networks.


Product Details Price (One Time)
iTel Switch (Licensed Version) Single Server based licensing $ 5000

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