A call shop is a business, where users are provided with on-site access to telephones for making long distance call to their home country or any other destination. The payment method can be either prepaid or post-paid, depending upon the requirement of the customers.

The business module

In case of prepaid, customer will deposit a certain amount of money with the call shop operator, who then activates a booth for the customer for making calls. Until the amount deposited is finished, the customer can continue making the call. The call records of the customer will be maintained by the billing system and invoice can also be generated. In post-paid system, the invoice is generated and the customer pays after making the calls.

Key Features of

Call Shop

As Callshop is integrated with the main billing system of iTel Switch, user can use his call shop module directly from his main billing
Main switch owner can enable/disable call shop module for his child reseller
Level independent Callshop billing is a highlighting feature, which allows any level reseller to go for the Callshop feature, even if the parent account have that feature
Parent switch owner can monitor Callshop along with call shop manager
Report generation can be both call shop and booth wise
In case of invoice printing, operator can print call records after deactivating the booth

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