iTel Switch FAQs

Which operating system is required to install iTel Switch?

To install iTel Switch, you can choose any operating system from Unix Family. For example, the softswitch can be installed on the Linux operating system.

How many levels of resellers can I create?

You may add as many resellers in your account you need. iTel Switch is the only softswitch in the industry which offers unlimited levels of resellers for any sub-account. However, routes, billing and reports may be set individually for each customer.

Will softswitch drop the running call if balance goes to zero?

iTel Switch never allows user account balance to reach negative. Employing REVE's proprietary 'NGN' (Never Go Negative) technology, the system compares the destination rate with available balance in real time mode and allows the running call as long as balance remains for that particular destination.

Do you provide any online report that could help me in traffic monitoring?

As a switch owner, you can log-on to iTel Billing (integrated billing and monitoring system) with your user name and password, to view the customized reports. Following reports are available on iTel Billing:

  • Real-time Call Detail Records (CDR)
  • Real-time Failed Calls Records with enhanced failure reasons info
  • Highly customizable online reports on Billing/Sales/Profit and margin summary

Can I forward or receive the calls from another softswitch?

Yes. iTel Switch supports both; PIN-to-PIN and PIN-less calling. So you can forward or receive calls from other softswitch.

Can I use any SIP devices on iTel Switch platform?

Yes. iTel Switch supports any standard SIP device.

Can I make test calls and see all the features of Hosted iTel Switch?

Yes. Please visit the Free Trial section and fill the free trial form on, you will be issued with a free demo account for testing the iTel Switch and call quality through our softwares. Our support team will give you an online demonstration on how the actual system works and what you get as a client. You will be able to test the system/interface on your computer.

How can I get the detailed price list?

There are two widely defined pricing structures available- licensed or server based pricing and hosted or concurrent calls based pricing. However, the price may vary according to the package you have opted for. If you want to know the detailed price list, please connect with us on Live Chat.

If I take hosted offerings, where will my server be hosted?

REVE Systems' collocation centres are located in USA and Hong Kong. Your server(s) will be hosted at these places.

I am using iTel Switch for limited concurrent calls(for 200 calls); can I upgrade my VoIP platform for a higher concurrent calls package?

iTel Switch is a completely scalable platform, so you can enhance your call limit without interrupting the running service. To increase the limit of concurrent calls, please contact the sales manager of your region or send an e-mail to

At present, I am using a hosted softswitch from another company and have a running database of my own. Will I be able to migrate it as it is, to iTel Switch?

Yes, with our easy migration tools, you can easily migrate to iTel Switch Plus from your existing softswitch. Your entire database can be easily copied to iTel Switch within a few hours, without you needing to stop your live call traffic during this migration.

Does REVE Systems provide technical support?

Yes. At the time of purchase, clients get one year free Platinum Level Support. All our clients are attended by experienced technical support engineers on 24X7 days basis through e-mail, chat or phone.

What is iTel Support Portal?

All our clients get access to a dedicated support portal- 'iTel Support Portal' through which they can avail multiple benefits during the course of support contract.

What are the benefits of iTel Support?

As a hosted softswitch user, you are entitled to get one year free unlimited software & technical support from REVE Systems. Here are few benefits; you get as a iTel Support user.

  • Access to download the version updates of REVE Systems' products which you are using.
  • Generate trouble tickets for service queries and to escalate the technical issues quickly, using web interface.
  • Control setting using 'auto provisioning tools'.

My iTel Support is expired, what should I do?

Once the limited period support (one year) is expired, it can be renewed for one year or more by paying 20% of the invoice value, for each year. To renew your support, please contact your account manager or e-mail us at

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