Easy Migration Tools

Now it's easier for VoIP service providers & resellers to migrate from their existing softswitch to iTel Switch. The entire migration process involves a couple of hours (as projected for an 8 GB database) and our support engineers to work on it. For hosted softswitch owners, it becomes even easier to migrate as all databases, live (running) calls, remaining balance and traffic are carefully transferred to iTel Switch.

3 Easy Steps of Migration

Step 1

Softswitch owners need to provide access of their existing softswitch to us and our support engineers will complete the migration process at the backend.

Step 2

Entire database is copied from existing softswitch and transferred to iTel Switch database management system by exclusive data migration tool.

Step 3

Migrating resellers or service providers will get all the important information like previous customers' PINs, account balance, running calls, live traffic and all billing information in their iTel Switch database.

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