Switch Partition

iTel Switch provides complete switch partitioning facility, which allows administrator to make switch partition and distribute it to other clients. Every partition will be a completely new switch and child partition switch owner can use it as an independent switch. By default, administrator can generate 3 switch partitions but it's configurable and can allow switch partitioning facility to his newly created child switch as well.

Every switch partition will decrease the admin switch call volume and that volume will be assigned to child partitioned switch.

Key Features of
Switch Partition

Fully customized billing interface
Admin can change billing outlook anytime
Possible to assign domain name or IP wise separate billing link
Admin can assign separate switch IP for each switch partition (if server has additional IP)
Admin can assign same switch IP with different SIP port if server has one available IP
Admin can block/unblock child partition switch anytime
Admin can increase/decrease call volume of child partition switch

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