Reseller Partition

iTel Switch now comes with Reseller Partitioning features. Under this, administrator can generate new customized billing interface for his VoIP reseller. The new billing can be accessed only by that reseller along with his child VoIP resellers as well as PIN users.

Key Features of
Reseller Partition

Unlimited reseller partitioning possible from a single switch
Admin can change billing outlook anytime based on reseller’s demand
Possible to create new billing-domain wise or additional IP wise
Reseller wise realm to restrict registration ( Here, user needs a separate operator code to use his PIN)
Reseller cannot login with other billing link, if he has a specific link & he has to login with his assigned link
User can provide Reseller Partition without SIP login restriction
For reseller partition, administrator can sell his own route to his reseller. Here, administrator can sell switch to his reseller who don't want to manage route but want a new switch flavor.

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