Mobile Top Up

Mobile Top Up (MTU) is a iTel Switch module that enables Service Providers offer international 'Mobile Top Up' facility to their resellers and end users beside voice call service. With this module, end users can recharge any mobile number from any location using the same PIN through their call originating SIP softphone i.e. iTel Mobile Dialer and also web panel.

Why Your Business Needs Mobile Top Up service

  • A potential source of additional revenue for VoIP Service providers through quick and easy recharge services
  • Empowering end users with both voice call service and Mobile Top Up facility under the same PIN
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Key Features of
Mobile Top Up

Recharge any mobile from any location using the same PIN

There are multiple softswitch available in the industry offering 'Mobile Top Up' but the main point is that you need to use multiple PINs to perform multiple tasks. For example- one PIN for 'Mobile Top Up' another for mobile dialer recharge. MTU on iTel Switch allows you to recharge any mobile phone from anywhere, using the same PIN.
Enable your customers with the ability to gift 'Mobile Top Up' anywhere in the world

With enhanced iTel Switch, now you can offer your customers mobile recharge gifting facility- a unique service which enables mobile users to gift 'Mobile Top Up' to their beloved ones.
How to recharge a mobile number using the MTU feature?

It's as easy as a mouse click on your computer. However, you may want to have a look at the following steps of MTU.

How to Top Up from iTel Switch web panel?

Log-on to your iTel Switch control panel using your unique ID and password. Notice 'Mobile Top Up' section on left navigation of your switch panel. Please click on 'Request a Top Up' and then 'Top Up' link will be available under 'Mobile Top Up'. 'Mobile Top Up'>Request a Top Up> Top Up: iTel 'Mobile Top Up' Screenshot 1
You'll be taken to 'Add Top Up' page, as shown in the picture. 'Mobile Top Up' page has few text fields such as 'Originator', 'Top Up Country', 'Mobile Number', 'Top Up Amount', 'Account Cost' and 'Confirmation Number'. Please fill-in the required areas and click on 'Submit' button. If you make a mistake, you may click on 'Reset' button to clear filled content. iTel 'Mobile Top Up' Screenshot 2
Once you click on the submit button, it gives a pop-up alert saying "Total USD will be deducted from your account for this recharge. Do you agree?" (Shown in the picture) please click on 'OK' to proceed further.Once the 'Mobile Top Up' is done, you and the recipient of the 'Mobile Top Up' will receive a confirmation SMS. iTel 'Mobile Top Up' Screenshot 3

How to Top Up from iTel Mobile Dialer?

After login to your iTel Mobile Dialer, press on the 'More' section on the right bottom part of dialer screen. Now press 'Request a Top Up' and the Top Up window will appear where you will have to select Country, Operator, Service Type and enter the Mobile Number and Amount of TopUp. Then press 'Next'. iTel 'Mobile Top Up' Screenshot 1
At this stage you will find a new window with all information you provided and show the amount of USD that is going to be deducted from your account. If all information you provided are right, press 'Confirm' to initiate the TopUp process. iTel 'Mobile Top Up' Screenshot 2
This final window confirms that the TopUp has been successful done. If you want to do any further TopUp, press 'NEW TOPUP'. iTel 'Mobile Top Up' Screenshot 3

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