iTel Switch Mobile Billing

Now iTel Switch offers an amazing way to smoothly manage your VoIP business, when you are not in your home or at workplace. With the new iTel Switch Mobile Billing, you need not remain fixed to your office to manage your customers. iTel Switch Mobile Billing allows both VoIP service providers and their resellers to perform a whole lot of operations from any location. Easy to use, with iTel Switch Mobile Billing, your resellers can serve their customers at any time without the worry of logging in to desktop or laptop.

Key Features of
iTel Switch Mobile Billing

Admin can change billing outlook anytime
Possible to assign domain name or IP wise separate billing link
Admin can assign separate switch IP for each switch partition (if server has additional IP)
Admin can assign same switch IP with different SIP port if server has one available IP
Admin can block/unblock child partition switch anytime
Admin can increase/decrease call volume of child partition switch

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