Alapon App

Alapon is a secured inter communication platform for Bangladesh Government Officials. Through a controlled network, a Government officer with Alapon App can find any other Government officers based on hierarchy using the directory service instantly, communicate with him over both voice & video call and share official files securely. Available in iOS and Android operating system, government officials can download it on their device and register using their National Identification Number which will synchronize all the details from the database accordingly. Moreover, a government official can plug in the service using data network, communication cost becomes relatively low while ensuring strong user association within service network.

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Data storage in own premises

Restricted network accessibility

Military grade security

Private controlled environment

Less bandwidth and battery consumption than other apps

Key Features of Alapon App

  • Call Conferencing :Scheduled conference call between Govt. officials
  • Directory Search :Narrow contact search by ministry or hierarchy
  • Location Tracking :Instant device location tracking
  • Message Broadcasting :Scheduled messaging to the ministry or groups at once
  • Location Sharing :Exact location sharing from anywhere
  • Video Calling :Unlimited video calling anytime, anywhere in the world
  • Group Messaging :Group discussion with unlimited contacts to meet urgency
  • Instant Messaging :P2P messaging, Photo-Video-File-Screen Sharing using emoticons

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