Result Driven Execution Roadmap for Government IT Projects

People around the world requires to stay connected to their Government for access to information and public services. E-Governance implies technology driven governance that connects the government and citizens for better government service and communication technology. This leads to a simplified and efficient communication system, cost effective but high-quality service and increased transparency.

REVE Systems conducts research, assessment and provides complete guidance for e-Governance project with clear value proposition and ROI. We are currently working with Bangladesh Government in different ICT Projects to achieve excellence in digital transformation. REVE has already worked on many government projects such as Alapon, Language Training Software etc. Currently we are working on many more government projects such as OISF, GRS Etc. Our vision is to craft high-quality solutions that create value and efficiency to organizations around the globe.

Accessible for
every citizen

Transparent and

Efficient, easier
and cost effective


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Intranet communication Platform for Android & iOS

Intranet communication Platform (Alapon)

Managing Vilence against Women & Children

Disaster National Database Management Portal

Office Information & Service Framework ( OISF)

Language Training Software (Vashaguru)

Grievance Redress System (GRS)

Digital Evidence Management & Reporting Portal

Birth Registration Information System (BRIS)

Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) Talk


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