REVE NLP Solution

Bridging the gap between human and computer

Our dedicated Natural Language Processing team is currently working on developing Bangla Language Processing tools. Our goal is to will bring revolutionary change in digitalizing Bangla Language and make seamless communication platform for everyone. We are also currently working on several NLP projects and already developed a few demo software.

Deep Linguistic

Linguistically Rich
and Logic-Driven

Rich API

Machine Learning

Bangla Spell and Grammar Checker

Bangla Writing, at its best

Bangla Spell and Grammar Checker is an essential tool to write any Bangla documents. It marks the error of the Bangla Text and provide relevant suggestions in order to correct it. Whether it’s an article or a post in Facebook, spell checker is a must for any language community. Our aim is to solve the lack of proper spelling tool for Bangla writing and encourage better Bangla communication and publications. This tool has essential features to make clear and mistake-free writing.

  • Accurate suggestion
  • Clearly laid out
  • User helpful interface
  • Includes essential features and updates

Machine Translation

Paving the Way for Better Bangla, Digitally

Machine translation refers to software that is able to translate content from one language to another instantly. The usage of mobile device leads social media and ecommerce go ubiquitous. This scenario contributes towards the need for translation and localization services. We are working Machine Translation engine which will translate any Language to Bangla. Similarly, it will be able to translate Bangla Language to any foreign language.

Screen Reader Software

Spreading the Power of Digitization, for everyone

Being visually impaired or having severe eyesight problem does not stop people from using the computer anymore. Technology has taken the leap facilitate the use of computer for blind and partially sighted people. A screen reader software is aimed to enable visually impaired users to use computers. Our screen reader software is first of its kind to help people with a Bangla interface. We aim to bring the visually challenged people into the digital revolution with our innovation.

  • Only screen reader that works in Bangla
  • Can navigate through directories
  • Can open any applications
  • Can read aloud formatted contents in Microsoft Word

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