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Mehedi has been working in Reve System for over 9 years. He is a Graduate in B. Sc Hons CSE from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology in Sylhet. He specializes in Softswitches, billing, mobile application and others along with IPTSP. Also as a part of Reve System, Mehedi offers support to all our European clients.

Why Instant Messaging and Voice Call OTT Apps are on Hype

OTT Apps

OTT Apps refers to “Over-The-Top” applications that offer services over the Internet, bypassing the traditional distribution methods. These applications are accessed over the internet using mobile data or Wi-Fi thereby eliminating the need to use the network of a service provider. An OTT backend usually handles all the media, users, subscriptions, security and rights of […]

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VoIP Billing System- Easiest Way to Manage your VoIP Business

VoIP Billing

VoIP billing platforms are software that helps the VoIP Service provider and other VoIP businesses to manage their business efficiently. They assist in client management, reporting, billing and payment processes. Likewise, VoIP Billing solutions also include detailed analytics, flexible billing cycles, customer self-care, DID management, and prepaid and postpaid billing services. The Usefulness of VoIP […]

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